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President Trump Condemns all kinds of Racism

Discussion in 'American Politics' started by BobRyan, Oct 1, 2020.

  1. BobRyan

    BobRyan Junior Member

    United States
    Fox News reported this

    “The riots in Charlottesville a year ago resulted in senseless death and division. We must come together as a nation. I condemn all types of racism and acts of violence. Peace to ALL Americans!” he tweeted.

    in 2018

    Trump calls for unity, condemns 'all types of racism' on anniversary of Charlottesville protest

    yes - but did he do that 17 times?

    17 Times Donald Trump has condemned racism and white supremacy

    well... ok.. but "not good enough" for John Roberts

    'I'm tired of it': Fox News reporter John Roberts loses temper over White House 'deflecting' on Trump's refusal to condemn white-supremacist groups

    Condemned racists 120 seconds ago? yeah well What about this second?
    Today at 12:48 PM #1
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2020
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  2. BobRyan

    BobRyan Junior Member

    United States
    Trump condemns 'all types of racism' a year after Charlottesville

    "US President Donald Trump, often accused of denigrating non-white people, condemned racism Saturday as the nation marked the anniversary of deadly unrest triggered by a neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia."

    on Saturday, he tweeted: "The riots in Charlottesville a year ago resulted in senseless death and division."
    "We must come together as a nation. I condemn all types of racism and acts of violence. Peace to ALL Americans!"

    August 11, 2018
  3. BobRyan

    BobRyan Junior Member

    United States
    President Trump names names when disavowing racism

    12) “David Duke and all was disavowed. I disavowed him on Friday. I disavowed them right after that because I thought if there was any question and you take a look at Twitter, almost immediately after on Twitter and Facebook, they were disavowed again. I disavow him every time I speak to somebody virtually and they just keep it going.” – ABC, 3/1/2016

    13) “I disavowed David Duke a day before in a major press conference, and I’m saying to myself: How many times do I have to continue to disavow people…” – NBC, 2/29/2016

    Report Advertisement
    14) “David Duke endorsed me? OK, alright. I disavow, OK?” – The Hill, 2/26/2016

    15) “I don’t need (David Duke’s) endorsement; I certainly wouldn’t want his endorsement.” – Politico, 8/26/2015
  4. Blade

    Blade Veteran Supporter

    This is so silly. I have seen him over and over condemn this yet still there are those that "He still has not condemned it". And the more they speak that lie they more they believe it.

    Trump 2020
  5. BobRyan

    BobRyan Junior Member

    United States
    The nice thing is - they want to complain as if well-documented facts don't exist - but there those facts are "Still existing"... wow it just does not get any easier than this ..

    You have to love it.

    So what will they come back with?

    "17 times well ok... but how about 18 times? did He condemn racists 18 times?... see? John Roberts is not happy because it is not 18 times... that must tell you something"
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  6. pescador

    pescador Newbie Supporter

    The truth is out there, no matter how much you and (fake) Fox News pretend it isn't. If he's not a racist why has the country, under Trump, become so race- and violence-oriented?
  7. durangodawood

    durangodawood Dis Member

    United States
    He's only got himself to blame tho when he hems and haws over the question in front of his biggest broadcast audience ever. Makes you wonder whats going on in that head of his.
  8. variant

    variant Happy Cat

    He doesn't want to alienate the extreme right wing, and is willing to alienate moderates to do it.

    And we have folks like the OP who continue to ignore how he does this every single time and try to convince themselves it isn't happening.
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  9. jgarden

    jgarden Senior Veteran

    Trump Backtracks Debate Comments On White Supremacists ...
    www.npr.org › 2020/09/30 › trump-on-defensive-over-w...

    1 day ago - President Trump attempted to walk back his comments about the Proud Boys, a right-wing group he declined to disavow in Tuesday night's ...

    Trevor Noah: 'The only thing Trump avoids more than ...
    www.theguardian.com › culture › oct › trevor-noah-tru...

    4 hours ago - Late-night hosts process the 'collective brain hemorrhage' that was the first presidential debate.

    Why it's impossible to believe Trump simply misspoke about ...
    www.cnn.com › 2020/09/30 › politics › white-supremacy...

    23 hours ago - Asked directly during Tuesday night's debate to condemn the Proud Boys hate group, President Donald Trump told them to "stand back and ...

    Donald Trump doesn't really care about the white supremacist ...
    www.washingtonpost.com › politics › 2020/09/30 › do...

    1 day ago - He will denounce supremacists if you insist but won't spontaneously reject the ideology.

    What is President Trump's relationship to far-right groups ...
    www.latimes.com › politics › story › la-na-pol-2020-tr...

    19 hours ago - Q&A: What is President Trump's relationship with far-right and white supremacist groups? A man in a Proud Boys T-shirt carries a rifle and talks ...

    Trump's refusal to condemn white supremacists launches an ...
    www.politico.com › news › 2020/09/30 › trump-proud...

    2 days ago - Moderator Chris Wallace gave President Donald Trump an uninterrupted opportunity to condemn the nation's biggest domestic terrorist groups: ...

    Trump faces criticism for refusing to condemn white ...
    www.cbsnews.com › news › trump-faces-criticism-for-r...

    19 hours ago - Prodded by Biden and Chris Wallace during the debate to condemn white supremacists, Trump responded by telling extremist group the Proud ...
    This President's "affinity" for "white supremecitts" is not an isolated incident, its part of a pattern stretching over the past 4 years!

    No matter how hard Trump's supporters engage in revisionist history, given the political firestorm that surrounded his "Step Back - Stand By!" comments during Tuesday's Debate, its been 2 days and this President still steadfastly refuses to stand before the American public and tell them categorically his position on the matter - that speaks volumes!
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2020
  10. iluvatar5150

    iluvatar5150 Well-Known Member

    United States
    Maybe we’d be more inclined to believe him if he stopped making blatantly racist attacks on Ilhan Omar and pandering to fears about ruined suburbs and Minnesota turning into a refugee camp.
  11. jgarden

    jgarden Senior Veteran

    EXCLUSIVE: Leader of 'white supremacist' group Proud Boys is the state director of Latinos for Trump with close ties to the GOP as he's pictured with high-profile republicans including the president's son Don Jr., Roger Stone and Senator Ted Cruz
    • Enrique Tarrio is serving as the Florida state director of the political support group Latinos for Trump, DailyMail.com can reveal
    • Tarrio is the national chairman of the Proud Boys, the 'white supremacist' group who Donald Trump told to 'stand back and stand by' at Tuesday's debate
    • DailyMail.com can reveal that Tarrio, is close to the Republican party having run for congress as a Republican earlier this year
    • Tarrio, 36, has been pictured with Trump confidant Roger Stone who is a Proud Boys member, the president's son Don Jr, and GOP Senator Ted Cruz
    • Cruz co-sponsored a Senate resolution based on a petition written by
    • Tarrio to designate the left wing group Antifa as a 'domestic terrorist organization'
    • Tarrio posted a selfie of him and Donald Trump Jr. online with the caption: 'Blurry but at least we spoke about the rampant censorship of conservatives'.
    • Tarrio is a Cuban American from Miami who was promoted from president of his city's Proud Boys chapter to become the group's national chairman
    • 1 October 2020
    Leader of Proud Boys is state director of Latinos for Trump | Daily Mail Online
    National Proud Boys Leader, Enrique Tassio, and Senator Ted Cruz - Cruz co-sponsored a Senate resolution based on a petition written by Tarrio to designate the left wing group Antifa as a 'domestic terrorist organization!
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2020
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  12. Hans Blaster

    Hans Blaster Well-Known Member

    I see three possibilities:

    1. He's so needing of praise/support that he can't fully condemn even the most vile people who support him and his need of praise blocks the normal political calculation to abandon unpopular supporters for the backing of larger groups.

    2. He supports the extreme/racist right wing.

    3. He supports the extreme right wing and doesn't care if it costs him with the non-extreme.
  13. jgarden

    jgarden Senior Veteran

    Donald Trump Says He Doesn't Know Who Proud Boys Are ...
    www.rollingstone.com › politics › politics-news › prou...

    1 day ago - Members of the Proud Boys gather outside an Orlando, Florida rally where President Trump officially launched his re-election campaign on June ...

    Trump says he doesn't know Proud Boys after name-checking ...
    www.youtube.com › watc
    23 hours ago - When asked about his remarks during the first 2020 presidential debate telling right-wing extremist group the Proud Boys to "stand back and ...

    Trump says he doesn't know Proud Boys after criticism of debate
    www.usatoday.com › politics › elections › 2020/09/30

    1 day ago - Facing criticism for not denouncing white supremacist groups during the debate Tuesday, President Trump said he's "always denounced any ...

    Trump says he doesn't know who Proud Boys are after telling ...
    www.axios.com › Politics & Policy › Donald Trump

    1 day ago - "I can only say they have to stand down and let law enforcement do their work."

    Trump tells reporters he doesn't know who the Proud Boys are
    nypost.com › 2020/09/30 › trump-tells-reporters-he-do...

    1 day ago - President Trump on Wednesday said he doesn't know who the Proud Boys are and called on them to "stand down" after he said during the first ...
    Trump claims he doesn't 'know who the Proud Boys are' - New ...
    www.nydailynews.com › news › politics › ny-trump-pr...
    1 day ago - President Trump tried to distance himself from the Proud Boys on Wednesday, as outrage mounted on both sides of the aisle over his debate ...

    Trump: 'I Don't Know Who the Proud Boys Are' | National News ...
    www.usnews.com › News › National News

    1 day ago - The comments came after Trump on Tuesday told the group to 'stand back and stand by' and refused to issue a blanket condemnati on of white ...

    Trump—Who Gave The Proud Boys A Major Shoutout—Now ...
    www.forbes.com › sites › jemimamcevoy › 2020/09/30

    1 day ago - Topline. President Trump on Wednesday afternoon told reporters he doesn't know who the Proud Boys are after referring to the right-wing ...

    Trump says he doesn't know who Proud Boys are, says 'let law ...
    www.foxnews.com › politics › trump-proud-boys-let-law-...

    1 day ago - President Trump on Wednesday tried to clear up confusion after telling the right-wing men's group the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by,” ...


    Enrique Tarrio: Leader of 'white supremacist' group Proud Boys is the state director of Latinos for Trump with close ties to the GOP
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2020
  14. DavidPT

    DavidPT Well-Known Member

    United States

    Blaming Trump for all of that would be like blaming God for all the evil that happens in this world. Not remotely comparing Trump with God though, hopefully no one thinks that.
  15. Quartermaine

    Quartermaine Well-Known Member

    United States
    do his actions align with these words?
  16. jgarden

    jgarden Senior Veteran


    Enrique Tarrio, National Chairman of the Proud Boys, on stage during a Trump Rally in Florida 2019!

    Tarrio currently serves as Florida state director of the political support group Latinos for Trump and had also been a congressional Republican candidate!
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2020
  17. ThatRobGuy

    ThatRobGuy Part of the IT crowd Supporter

    United States
    Social Democrats in Germany that designated them as an extremist group as well... This idea that "it's just the idea is to oppose fascism" is nonsense. They're using the same type of semantic overload that PETA likes to use. Give yourself a noble sounding name that sounds like it's a single-threaded, noble purpose, bundle in a bunch of garbage ideologies in there with it, and then use that noble-sounding purpose as a defense mechanism when criticized for all of the other stuff... it's not a hard scheme to figure out.

    The 1960's Antifa in Germany (the particular iteration of Antifa that our current US Antifa movement is trying to emulate based on their symbolism, slogans, and flags) started with the premise "we're just trying to get rid of the extreme right wingers in government", within a matter of two years, they were attacking moderates and social democrats (like Bernie) for "not being far enough left" and labelling them "Social Fascists" for not wanting to abolish private property and eliminate law enforcement institutions.

    We've already seen that happening, they've already started slinging attacks at left-leaning mayors like Lightfoot, Wheeler, Durkin, and Frey.

    They only pretend to side with people like Bernie because it's advantageous (the enemy of my enemy is my friend sort of logic), but in every instance going back to the 30's, Antifa has ended up turning on center-left social democrats once all of the actual extreme right wingers were out of the picture...

    Some light reading to brush up on...

    German government institutions such as the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the Federal Agency for Civic Education describe the contemporary Antifa movement as part of the extreme left and as partially violent. Antifa groups are monitored by the federal office in the context of its legal mandate to combat extremism.[1][2][3][6] The federal office states that the underlying goal of the Antifa movement is "the struggle against the liberal democratic basic order" and capitalism.[2][3] At times, the movement has been accused by German authorities of engaging in terrorist acts of violence.[7]

    The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution describes the field of "anti-fascism" or "Antifa" as extremist[3] and includes it and associated groups in its annual public reports on extremism as part of the topic "far-left extremism".[6] The federal office further notes that "[t]he field of 'anti-fascism' has for years been a central element of the political activity of far-left extremists, especially violent ones. [...] Far-left extremists within this tradition only superficially claim to fight far-right activities. In reality the focus is the struggle against the liberal democratic basic order, which is smeared as a 'capitalist system' with 'fascist' roots".[2] a former director with the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, notes that "even if every convinced democrat is an opponent of fascism, anti-fascism is not per se a democratic position". According to Pfahl-Traughber, one must distinguish between "fascism in a scholarly sense" and "fascism in a far-left extremist sense".[1]

    Even "liberals" in Germany (a nation that's more progressive than we are, so their liberals are more left than our "liberals" are) have recognized what they're actually about, and rightfully so, have monitored them closely.

    "Antifa" isn't a new movement by any means, they've been around since the late 30's. And in each case, they start by opposing actual fascists and far-right extremists, but then end up turning on the moderates and center-left after all of the actual fascists and far-right are gone.

    Much like with their origin movements in the 30's and 60's and 80's, they want to promote communism under the guise of "opposing fascism"
  18. Bobber

    Bobber Well-Known Member

    Sorry but that'd be like asking if Trump doesn't swallow tide pods how come so many out in the country do?

    And about all this race-violence thing. First it was going on in Obama's term. Have a read of this from CNN no less,

    Most say race relations worsened under Obama, poll finds - CNNPolitics

    So was Trump responsible for that? And even about what you're talking about. I thought this whole thing was about regional cops in certain areas doing allegedly bad things. How is that it's even in the Presidential jurisdiction of responsibility unless it's FBI? You don't slam the Federal head for these things.....it's State and local officials if anyone really cares for the truth anymore.
  19. FireDragon76

    FireDragon76 contemplative humanist Supporter

    United States
    Other Religion
    Legal Union (Other)
    When he speaks off the cuff, he does so in racist dog whistles and assertions ("there are good people on both sides"). He only makes these sorts of statements you have given when he no doubt has been coached to do so.
  20. jgarden

    jgarden Senior Veteran

    After 4 years we all know that this President will only accept responsibility for successes - everything else is the fault of anybody and everybody but him!

    The real question is why would anyone, even a "stable genius," totally unable to accept criticism and unwilling to shoulder responsibility for mistakes, be so delussional as to think that he was suited to be President - exempted from continuous scrutiny and criticism which have always been part of the job!
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2020