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Preparing for the Mission Field

Discussion in 'Missions, Evangelism & Witnessing' started by Brother_Mark, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Brother_Mark

    Brother_Mark Newbie

    If you are preparing for the mission field, remember several things:
    • Your life must be devoted *exclusively* to the Gospel Message, Christ and your family;
    • You must understand and speak the native tongue.
    • You should dress like the natives. If the natives wear a skirt made of leaves ... you should wear a skirt made of leaves.
    • You must *remain free of politics*. You are not in a native country to change its political structure; you are there to present the Gospel of Christ.
    • You should speak the native tongue.
    • You should adopt the general culture (where applicable) and where it does not conflict with the Word. (Hudson Taylor, China)
    • You should speak the native tongue.
    Good luck and God speed for those who going overseas. Do not add anything to, or take anything from the Gospel message of our Lord Jesus Christ. Preach it to the natives (in their own tongue) and answer *all* of their questions about it.

    You are an Ambassador for Christ (and Missionaries of your faith).

    In Christ,
    Brother Mark +