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prayer for peace and self esteem and help with mental illness

Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by lutherangerman, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. lutherangerman

    lutherangerman Senior Member

    Hi there,

    I would like you to say a prayer for me and my girlfriend.

    I suffer from schizophrenia and while I could handle it when living alone, I now have a girlfriend and I am not used to handling this double challenge. It was ok while I only had myself to worry about, but now with the new responsibilities it is not so easy anymore. In order to secure a future with my girlfriend I will have to find a job. I trust that God will provide me with a job and I don't feel despair, but I know I will need God's support with the challenges brought by the relationship with my girl, with the illness, and with the job I will have to do well.

    I am cautiously confident, but I would just like to know some backup prayers. I would also like prayers that my girlfriend will always understand me and the schizophrenia problems and that we can have a wonderful, deep, fulfilling love life regardless of the things thrown at us by this illness. I want to make my girlfriend happy, she has been through much sorrow in life.

    One thing I have to add, in the last ten years when I was alone the schizophrenia made me have an obsession with an atheist woman I knew. Just before I got to know my girlfriend, I had a good talk with my doctor who explained how the obsession I had with the atheist woman was not real love. And it really wasn't, we never helped each other, frequently let each other suffer without caring, ran away in different directions. But for some reason I didn't put an end to it but always returned to this woman, even when she found another boyfriend. The talk with the doctor and finding my girlfriend really helped, but part of my mind is still used to to think about the atheist woman ... I do not want it, I blame it on the schizo and on the fact that I pursued this woman for 10 years in such a foolish and unhealthy way. I need prayers that I can overcome the memories and all of the rest of the obsession that might still be left in me. I do not suffer from this anymore, just want to get completely clean for my girlfriend. I have bad OCD and schizophrenia problems, I just need understanding and support. I am not fornicating or adulterous, I know Jesus wants me to love my girlfriend only and I am happy about that. But my mind is like broken record sometimes.

    Thank you for your prayers. Much love and God bless you!
  2. servant of Merciful Love

    servant of Merciful Love contemplative Supporter

    United States
    You will be in my prayers ~
  3. hypostatic

    hypostatic Senior Veteran Supporter

  4. SplendidTree

    SplendidTree Legend

    Praying! :)
  5. Stephanie7

    Stephanie7 Senior Veteran

    Father God, grant this one his needs and help and guide the girlfriend to understand him and support him when he needs. LORD may You restore this one to sound health, physically, emotionally and spiritually, In Jesus Name, Amen
  6. Lake

    Lake An ODD Member

    Hello good man. I have prayed for you tonight and do keep your faith when things become muddled. God be with you and lead you.
  7. Linus

    Linus Senior Veteran Supporter

    Praying for your relationship and a good job as well as deliverance from the thoughts about the other woman in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank You Lord!
  8. odiear3rd

    odiear3rd Senior Member

    God Bless you for asking for Prayer. I will be Praying for you. Prayers come from the heart as you Pray to God. God will hear your Prayers. I Pray God will set your free from this mental illness. You Pray for His Healing along with us. God will Heal you. I Pray also that you will be set free of this relationship with this ungodly atheist woman and the control she had on your life. Draw closer to God as you Rebuke the influence of this involvement with this evil person. Her ungodly ways has left a mark on you and you need to be set free from it. God Bless you.We all will be Praying with you and for you.

  9. paul becke

    paul becke Regular Member Supporter

    Short prayers of praise, such as the ones below, are often surprisingly helpful in situations where one might think petitionary prayers would be the most appropriate:

    "This day was made by the Lord. We rejoice and are glad!" - from a Psalm; and

    "The Lord has truly risen. Alleluia!" (I think St Mary Magdalene's exclamation, as she came from the empty tomb.)

    Bsest wishes, Luth.