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prayer for kind of cancer

Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by girl4god, Jan 9, 2002.

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  1. girl4god

    girl4god New Member


    When I was younger and befor eI found God, I was very premiscuous.Now, about 4 yrs later, I might have cervical cancer.
    I just had my 2nd baby, and might have to get a hysterectomy if they do find anything. Please pray that only "God's will be done in this situation.

    P.S.- I want to thank Jesus publically that my house didn't burn down today when I left something on the stove accidentally. OOPS! :eek: The house filled with smoke, but no fire. Jesus saves!!! :D
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  2. Blackwing

    Blackwing Music Man With Black Wings(duh...)<img src="http:/

    I'll pray for you girl4God :)

    Lord hear the plea of this lady whom you ave brought up as your own. I pray that you manifest you love and glory in her life by healing her in the name of Jesus. Lord she needs you miracle now and I pray that your will be done in her life.
    May she give you the glory that only You deserve and may she be a vessel of blessing for Your glory in this world.
    We pray this with much thanksgiving in Jesus name.
    Amen :)

    BTW girl4God i can share your joy in your house not burning.

    My house almost burned too when a fire engulfed the whole neighborhood.

    God does send His angels to protect the dwelling places of His chosen ones. :)

    God bless you sis!!!
  3. mikey

    mikey Mikey the Smooth Criminal

    I'll definitely pray for you, sister. That is serious stuff. God will heal you!
  4. Prayer Warrior

    Prayer Warrior Intercessor

    I will pray for you girl4god. I have had a friend in a similar case. I pray that God's will be done, and will uphold you and your family in prayer! He will make a way! :) Be strong!
  5. fran

    fran Member

    I will join in and pray for you too! :) You are going to be fine! Most of the time it's just a few abnormal cells on the Pap smear. I pray that God will heal you and support you in all things!
  6. girl4god

    girl4god New Member

    Thank you all from girl4God, and any more who will pray for me. It is a blessing in itself that it was found so early on. I read that some one might have it for up to 20 years before they find it! So, thank you Jesus, and for all of these wonderful people .I pray you are all blessed richly in return.
  7. Prayer Warrior

    Prayer Warrior Intercessor

    No need to thank me. Thank God for Jesus! :)
  8. SunnyLin

    SunnyLin taking the mission home.

    i will defintely be praying for you. Cancer affects so many lives in our society, i actually have 5 peopel close to me that either have, have had, or have been releived by cancer. I'll be praying for you! Do not lose hope or faith!
  9. GodOwnsMe

    GodOwnsMe Well-Known Member

    Prayed for you :) :hug: :hug: God Bless you !!
  10. forjesus

    forjesus Humble Servant

    praying for you, God Bless
  11. GraftMeIn

    GraftMeIn The Masters Gardener

    I will say a prayer for you :pray:
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