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Prayer for God's provisions for us...in 2021

Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by But_First_Coffee, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. But_First_Coffee

    But_First_Coffee New Member

    United States
    OK For this prayer request to make sense, we need a little backstory.

    ten years ago, I took on a relationship with a young man even though he had been
    released from the military with 70% PTSD. We had to overcome some big challenges over the years because of this, but God took care of us.
    Five years ago, I became his wife.
    Now before I met him, he had several short-term menial type jobs like a busboy at a Chili's or a clerk at a Blockbuster. He was only 18 or so then.
    He went into the military with big dreams but was released only two years later with PTSD instead. He came home about 4 months before I met him.
    Since I've known him, he hasn't had a regular job.
    He is paid disability by the VA and he is paid another salary by them for going to school to pursue a possible career path. Because of the condition, it took him 3 years to get an AA. He would sign up for classes for like 18 credit hours, then have to drop half because his anxiety was too difficult to manage. Then, he was going to leap into a Bachelor's at a university he'd have to commute to... but his health was struggling at that time so he took 2 years off to get healthy. At the end of the two years, we got married. That fall, he went to a closer private college to start on that Bachelor's. He would still take the classes a little spread out for his health.
    After about 2 years of this, he decided he wasn't happy with the idea of being an accountant and went back to that university plan to pursue something harder.
    After a year of that, he realized it wasn't right for him either and the original small school and the accounting degree was the best thing. He ended up taking another year off due to some stress and some personal issues, then went back to the small school.
    He will graduate in 2020.
    The VA is supposed to help him get placed into a REAL job right after that.
    But that can take time, they move slow.
    He's very very smart and makes A's so people offer him possible leads to a career or an internship quite often. Someone offered to interview him for one short internship but it was paid. Someone younger was chosen over him. (He's 32). That was just the beginning. Other people express interest in him coming to work for their firm when he's done.
    So I have faith that SOMETHING might be out there for him,
    but here's where it gets a little more complicated.

    Right before he went back to school this last time, we had a surprise! baby.
    This past semester, I went back to my job full time and he went to classes full time
    and the baby was placed in daycare. That ate up a lot of the money my husband is paid for going to school. This arrangement worked well, though.
    The thing is, by 2021, he needs to find a career that is not just "enough money to pay for our basic needs" (above what I make) but also enough to compensate for the baby going to daycare or VPK schools for another couple of years before he can go to regular school,
    AND it needs to be enough that if the VA cancels out his disability for him finding a full time job, we will be OK. We are living in a town where the cost of living is rising, but the pay isn't rising as fast. So simple jobs like a Target employee or a barista won't cut it. I've done many of those, and I wouldn't wish that for him at this point in his life anyway.

    So we have a few options:
    1) We move to the bigger metropolitan city nearby where rent/mortgage is cheaper and jobs are more plentiful, but it's not the safest city. My job is already half-way between the town we live in and the city's core.
    2) He finds a good job where we are and we go forward just fine. If we have a second baby, that's 2 daycare tuitions but we'll pray about that when it gets closer.
    3) The less likely option- the VA raises his pay. They are considering doing that. Then he could be a stay-at-home dad until the baby goes off to regular school. In fact, he could stay at home longer than that and start a business and also care for a second baby.
    4) I try to pursue big career advancements in the bank I work for and I take care of us. The catch with that is those higher paying positions bring lots of pressure I'm not sure I'm ready for.
    5) A combination of 2 and 4
    6) A combination of 3 and 4

    Six solid choices. The catch? Only GOD can choose. Only God can show us the way to the best job, a promotion, or some other means for him to just be a stay at home dad. Or maybe there's some other seventh thing.

    I know it's 2 years away.... but I like to start praying now before it's the 11th hour.

    Thanks for lifting our family up!
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  2. brinny

    brinny everlovin' shiner of light in dark places Supporter

    :heart: Praying for your precious husband, and you and your li'l one too. Praying that God grants wisdom, discernment, clarity, and strengthens and sustains each of you, and fills each of you with huge dollops of His peace and His reassurance as HE works out the details, as only HE can, during this very uncertain chapter. May He bless each of you and your household and grant each of you extraordinary favor. Father may it be so, in Jesus name, amen. (((hug)))
  3. But_First_Coffee

    But_First_Coffee New Member

    United States
    Thanks Brinny
  4. LoricaLady

    LoricaLady YHWH's Supporter

    You are right that only the Heavenly Father knows what path/s to take. He knows the future, what kinds of people you both might be working with, and on and on.

    I pray that He will send out Holy angels to guide you in your choices and that you will both do well.
  5. Joined2krist

    Joined2krist Well-Known Member

    God's got everything in control. Praying
  6. But_First_Coffee

    But_First_Coffee New Member

    United States
    Thank you