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Prayer for a gift...

Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by sbbqb7n16, Aug 8, 2002.

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  1. sbbqb7n16

    sbbqb7n16 Veteran - Blue Bible Dude

    Hey all...my name is Paul and I have a reall strong desire for the gift of speaking in toungues.. maybe just a want but still... I would like this gift. Can someone please pray for me and if you have any advice list it on here too... thanks :)
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  2. Gerry

    Gerry Jesus Paid It All

    I see you are a Southern Baptisit and you desire the gift of speaking in tongues? lol! You will be ex communicated if you are not careful. I am teasing of course. There is a Moderator here named Altya. Contact her. She will pray for you.
  3. Blessed-one

    Blessed-one a long journey ahead

    praying, but we know everyone has special gifts, sometimes we want to have this particular gift but we don't get it because God has given us other gifts already.
  4. fieldmouse3

    fieldmouse3 Contributor

    I pray that God shows you the gifts that He truly means for you to have. :)
  5. debs

    debs Member

    Paul, dont allow others doubt to come between yourself and recieving of this gift. The Lord wants you to have it: "every good and perfect gift is from the Father", and Paul says that he wants EVERYBODY to speak in tongues.
    Father, thankyou for the amazing gifts you have for your children, Lord I thankyou that You yourself have kindled this desire in Pauls heart. Father, I thankyou for Your Holy Spirit who gives gifts as he wills and that this is his will for Paul. Lord I loose your gift to Paul now in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Paul, just picture Jesus holding out this gift to you in His hands. Reach out and take it from Him and thank Him for it. thankyou Jesus. Begin to imagine yourself opening your mouth and a new language comming forth as the Holy Spirit would enable that to happen.
    Holy spirit I ask you that you would begin to teach Paul all about this gift, how to yeild to yourself, and even in his quiet times that you would teach him to let your living waters flow.
    May the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified in Pauls life, Father and thankyou for his life and I say that Paul will be effective in the growth and building of your kingdom on earth.amen and Glory!
  6. Kim777

    Kim777 New Member


    First, I have a few things to say in regard to speaking in tongues. Please know that contrary to some teaching that is out there, there is no state of ecstasy, and God will not possess you and force you to speak in tongues. Or at least I have not experienced that state. You move your own lips and speak in tongues. It is not repeating " beep beep boop boop" or any preconceived words or syllables, for remember it is the Spirit that gives the utterance(the words) (Acts 2:4)

    Some say that this is not within our power to do, but I do not look at it like that. I look at it like a child asking his father for a gift, since the father loves the child, he will give him that gift. Just like Jesus says in Luke 11:9-13.

    There is no mechanical procedure involved in receiving the Holy Spirit. It is a gift given by God to an open-hearted and hungry believer.

    Here are some suggestions on how to receive God's promise for you:
    (1) Surrender: Yield your whole heart to God, desiring to live righteously and to forsake all sin. But don't think that you have to become Holy enought to earn the Holy Spirit.
    (2) Ask God and keep asking regulary until you recieve
    (3) As you ask, "believe" that God desires to fill you and will do so
    (4) Don't seek tongues or an experience. Seek God, but be willing to speak in other tongues.
    (5) Don't try to manipulate God or copy a mechanical technique: simply worship God and offer your all to Him
    (6) Don't attempt to work up emotion or to suppress emotion- yeilding is a passive surrender to the will of another. Many Christians receive the Holy Spirit after they quit trying to receive by their own efforts. Surrender and faith are the keys to receiving, not technique and duty. Open your heart in adoration to Jesus. Trust Him. Desire to be entirely possessed by Him. Expect to receive the Promise of the Father.
    (7) Realize that you do not have to seek or pray for a certain period of time to be eligible to receive. But also realize that you cannot force God to give you the Holy Spirit just by trying to talk gibberish. God's part is to fill us, our part is to ask. Jesus told us to keep asking,keep seeking and keep knocking.
    Some people pray for many months and even years before they have recieved. Others received it the first time they prayed. Some have even received it before they knew what it was. In my experience I have never detected a correlation between the length of time spent seeking and the righteousness of the person seeking. Remember: It will take as long as it takes for your to be filled and it is never a waste of time to spend time in prayer.
    (8) Realize that yeilding yourself wholly to God includes yielding your tongue. Some Christians do not receive as early as they could, because when the Spirit starts to give forth unknown words, they subconsciously resist by insisting to continue speaking their familiar native tongue. If you feel the Spirit of God strongly upon you and unfamiliar words start coming into your mind, speak them out loud.
    (9) Recognize that you will speak in tongues but the Holy Spirit will supply the utterance. Many have had difficulty yielding their speech to God because they have assumed that the Holy Spirit will force the tongue to change languages. The truth is that you will do the speaking, but without having to think of what to say. The Holy Spirit will fill your mouth as you exert the faith to speak. You will voluntarily use your own lungs, mouth and vocal cords- the Holy Spirit will only supply the utterance and the anointing.
    (10) Don't worry about how much emotion you feel in comparison with someone else. The emotions a person feels when receiving the Holy Spirit vary widely, depending on his emotional make-up, the depth of his dedication, the earnestness of his seeking, the intensity of his desire for the gift, and many other factors. The same is true with the experience of salvation- not eveyone who gets saved displays the same amount of emotion.
    (11) Do not become discouraged if you do not receive right away. God knows when you are ready to receive. Remember that time spent seeking God, deepening your dedication, waiting upon Him to cleanse your heart is time well spent.

    Pray fervently to God, in the name of Jesus Christ, for the reception of the Holy Ghost with speaking in tongues. If possible, seek out someone who is able to lay hands on you . Although, I personally spoke in tongues without the laying on of hands. I do not speak in tongues in public, unless I am at an intercessory gathering. I regard speaking in tongues as a very special way of communicating directly to the Father. Therefore, I only pray in tongues in my private prayer time. I am now at the point where I am praying for the ability for the interpretation. I know that I am long winded and I appologize for this, however, I just wanted to give you and anyone reading this some basics regarding tongues. I will lift you up in prayer this evening. I'm sure that if Altya or anyone else who speaks in tongues can add to what I have provided they will. God Bless
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