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Praise God the Father and His Son the Christ

Discussion in 'Community Hangout' started by Okano, Oct 24, 2015.

  1. Okano

    Okano -

    Praise God! He provided for me. Praise Christ! He saved me and intercedes for me that I may worship The Father.

    Let's praise them! What has He done for you?
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  2. Okano

    Okano -

    I knew it, no one would be willing to Praise God for the sake of Praising Him.
  3. Swan7

    Swan7 Made in the image of His Grace Supporter

    Praise to Him who has guided me my entire life, and I mean that quite literally. He is the Father I never had, nurtured me when I mother wasn't present.
    Saved me from drowning in a pool that no one was willing to explain to me what had happened.
    Watched over me as I escaped the tension filled house late at night just to breathe, I may not always have done what was just in His eyes, but He was still with me even then! Even when I wanted to believe He had left me as an excuse for the wrong in my life - He never left! He gave me a will to live and pulled me up from my deepest despair.
    He tells me to listen, sometimes I don't or miss the message and cause myself grief. However, I learn to listen more carefully as He continues to teach me.
    Everyday is a reminder of His blessing upon me: living in a war-less country, a house to live in with the most affordable rent, food, a place to work even though it isn't perfect either. I have learned to appreciate the things He has done for me, and most of all, died to wash away our sins and grant us a way beyond His gates for anyone who believes in Him!
    Though I didn't quite grasp His subtle actions growing up, but I certainly do now - and so profound!

    I thank Him for answering my prayer which was an all or nothing situation. I asked for the Truth with an open heart, more open than I thought to begin with. He answered me the very next morning and sent me on a path of learning between truth and deception.

    Also, I have an explainable peace in my heart that I haven't felt before. God, I praise You for all these blessings!! Thank You!!!

    @Okano Don't become so easily discouraged, I only saw this because I was lurking on the main page of the forum
  4. MassiCo

    MassiCo Remember your first love

    He never gives up on me, and for that I'm grateful. Time after time I've abandoned the Lord. I've chosen paths that have lead to destruction and lots of pain for me and those around me. I sometimes cannot believe how much He loves me. I praise my Father, I praise God for everything. He IS love!
  5. Another Lazarus

    Another Lazarus Old Newbie

    Praise Father Yah !!!

    May Jesus bless you all HalleluYAH
  6. LaSorcia

    LaSorcia Le Chat Staff Member Purple Team - Moderator Supporter

    United States
    Eastern Orthodox
    Awww, love thinks the best, right? Some people just never read the forums; they only read the most recent posts so miss stuff like this.

    God saved me as an abused young teen when most adults refused to help me. God has saved the lives of everyone in my family! Seriously! From brown-recluse spider bites, to cars driving over cliffs, to near drownings. God is awesome! He provides for me and is the good parent I didn't have as a youngster.