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POLL: Which end-times doctrine do you believe?

Discussion in 'Non-denominational' started by THINK XP, Jul 16, 2000.

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    THINK XP Guest

    I know these beliefs are much more technical than offered here--especially with respect to the millennium. But humor me. Generally, which one do you tend to believe?
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  2. ShlindreaQ

    ShlindreaQ Guest

    I'm Pre-Wrath.;)
  3. Lil Trib

    Lil Trib Guest

    I am hoping for pre-trib so that my children will not be there for the tribulation. But I believe it will happen when God sees fit and I will go through which ever way He choses and lean on Him and trust Him. Hope that makes sense. <D

    LOVE IN CHRIST!!!!!!!!
  4. I'm pan-trib myself. No one interpretation has convinced. God will win in His time, not mine. Maybe there is a rapture maybe there isn't. In the end things will work out.

    in CHrst
  5. Josephus

    Josephus <b>Co-Founder Christian Forums</b> Supporter

    I'm pre-wrath. There is too much evidence in the bible to believe in a pre-trib rapture. Better yet, more things make sense if you believe in a post-trib, pre-wrath resurrection, rapture, and transfiguration of the saints.
  6. YouThenMe

    YouThenMe Guest

    At this point, I'm pan-trib myself :D
  7. Solomon Spade

    Solomon Spade Guest

    I happen to think we miss out on some minor things, like the Wrath of the Lamb, WWIII, after the war inflation, and the bitterness of one-third of thw water.
  8. Hmmm, I didn't get the poll page, just the results page, so here's my vote:

    I am pre-trib, but unfortunately I haven't made such an in-depth study of it to be convinced either way!!

    I guess this is just wishful thinking, I don't want to be around when all Hell comes loose...and Jesus did say that we will not know the times or the epochs. There will be signs, yes, and I believe we will know that the time is nearer, but I do NOT believe that we will be able to count on the calendar "250 days and counting, 249 days, 248 days . . ." because "no man knows . . . not even the Son, but only the Father knows."

    Jes' my opinion...
  9. mikitta

    mikitta Guest

    Yep, pan trib! Best way to expect God. He'll make it pan out just the way He wants it! :rollin:

    God Bless,

  10. Buckeroo

    Buckeroo Guest

    I'm a Pre-Tribber myself. A pretribulation Rapture is essential for a number of reasons: first of all, to remove true Christians from earth. If they were present when Antichrist was revealed, they would oppose and expose him. This opposition must be removed in order to give Satan and man, under Antichrist's leadership, full freedom to prove that this earth can be turned back into a garden paradise without God. The Holy Spirit, who is present everywhere, will still convict and draw many to Christ during the Great Tribulation. The restraining influence, however, which He has wielded in this world through the millions of true Christians, will have suddenly been removed, leaving a moral and spiritual vacuum in homes, neighborhoods, businesses, and schools such as we cannot even imagine.

    A pretrib Rapture is also necessary because the Antichrist will be given authority by God "to make war with the saints, and to overcome them" (Rev. 13:7). Such a fate could not befall the church, for Christ said that the "gates of hell shall not prevail against it" (The Church) (Matt. 16:1:cool: . Moreover, true Christians have authority and power to "resist the devel" and "he will flee" (James 4:7), for "greater is he that is in you (us), than he that is in the world" (1 John 4:4). So the fact that Antichrist is given power by God "to make war with the saints and to overcome (i.e., kill) them" is proof that the true church is no longer present. The "saints" mentioned are those who have not heard and rejected the gospel prior to the Rapture and who believe in Christ during the Great Tribulation. They will pay for their faith with their lives. Those who take the mark of the best suffer the wrath of the Lamb, while those who don't are slain by Antichrist. Thus a post-trib rapture would be a classic nonevent, for there would be very few if any surviving believers to be raptured at that time. And surely those Christians who were left alive, seeing the judgment of God poured out upon mankind and earth's armies gathered for the battle of Armageddon in an attempt to destroy Israel, would know beyond the sahdow of a doubt that the Second Coming was about to occur--and would be watching for their Lord to appear. Yet Christ declared that He would return at a time of such ease that even the "five wise virgins" would "slumber and sleep." He warned, "for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh" (Matt 24:44). Hardly likely in the midst of the greatest tribulation and destruction the world has ever seen or ever will see!!

  11. momule

    momule amazing grace how sweet it is


    been pre-wrath for 40 years, before it became really discussed......
    and not because I read some book other than scripture and
    many different translations..:)

    wish I had another view(pre-trib) it is not so dangerous, but I 'm al-
    ways looking for more answers...:) janet k.
  12. Thummin

    Thummin Guest

    I can only go by my personal experience since I already went through the tribulation 8 years ago. The world is completely deceived about the Tribulation, which is in every single chapter of the BIBLE and is told us over and over and over. Here is the order of the Tribulation

    1.First there is destruction of the CARNAL MAN or man of lawlessness, which brings the fullness of the spirit of CHRIST who destroys him with the BRIGHTNESS OF HIS COMING AND THE TRUTH OF HIS APPEARING. The carnal man turns out to be the EGO and through overcoming him IN CHRIST, your soul and spirit are CUT IN TWO, ie the MIDST of the man, like Abrahams covenant showed with the animals cut in two and the LIGHT OF CHRIST PASSES BETWEEN THE PIECES first of the CARNAL MAN, ie ego, ie man of lawlessness and CHRIST.

    2. Just as they are saying PEACE PEACE, which comes from first seeing the LIGHT, and overcoming the carnal division between the CHRIST and the EGO, now, you have to be CUT AGAIN in two, ie SOUL AND SPIRIT, or as Paul says the word of God is sharper than any double edged sword cutting apart soul and spirit as bone/joint and marrow; Ie the marrow is the spirit, or life giving source of the BONE-soul. In Hebrew the word for bone-etsem is the same as SUBSTANCE which is our substance spiritually. EZEKIEL asks, will these bones-souls-live?? Yes they will when they get the RENEWED SPIRIT which is Gods house and is presently POLUTED as our SIN NATURE at the very core of our existence with Satan having a hold on it. THE EXPERIENCE is the ACTUAL RAPTURE or FALLING INTO THE ABYSS, which is falling to the ROOT or the spirit of the tree. Genesis 49, DAN-TRIBE OF JACOB-ISRAEL, meaning JUDGE, is the serpent in the WAY, he bites the riders heels and he falls backward. Paul fell backward and this falling is into the ROOT which is REALLY UP or RAPTURED UP TO THE TOP where God is at the root since the bottom to GOD, the earth, is his footstool, bottom and the bottom to us, the abyss is the TOP or root-CROWN to GOD. His life flows to us through the root of the tree. THE BAD TREE NOW GETS PLUCKED UP BY MESSIAH and the TREE OF LIFE COMES OUT OF THE ROOT OF THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE; this is experienced as the tribulation like none other ever. ITS INSIDE AND THERE IS NO WAY TO ESCAPE. THE WRATH IS GODS WAR AGAINST EVIL...which is OUR ENEMY, and not man against man again. Isaiah 14...out of the root of the ADDER comes forth the fiery flying serpent (IF I BE LIFTED UP-raptured, ie crucified, I will DRAW ALL MEN UNTO ME-they too will be crucified; after TWO DAYS I WILL LIFT THEM UP-raptured and the THIRD DAY THEY WILL STAND IN MY SIGHT). ENOUGH FOR NOW. Just here to tell you that you will come out of the TRIBULATION according to the BOOK of revelation with WHITE ROBES and with Palm branches; represent crowns and straight errect righteousness; also kaph means hollow of the hand and KAPH is Hebrew for CHEIR in GREEK which is the HOLLOW OF THE HAND and represents the SOUL, which is in the CHASMA, CHEIR, CHORA, Impassable interval. YOU WILL SURVIVE; GOD IS WITH YOU EVEN THOUGH WE MADE OUR BED IN HELL. He has the KEY TO LET US OUT:)
  13. THINK XP

    THINK XP Guest

    The Triblation is in every chapter of the Bible? *scratching head*

    Hmm...how about Genesis chapter 5?
  14. Just kidding.

    I'm amillennial in my eschatology, so that means I believe the rapture takes place at the time of Christ's second coming. The apostle Paul in 2 Thessalonians says that the rapture of the saints will happen at the same time the wicked experience God's wrath. See for yourself...

    "For after all it is only just for God to repay with affliction those who afflict you, and to give relief (***RAPTURE***) to you who are afflicted and to us as well when the Lord Jesus will be revealed from heaven with His mighty angels in flaming fire, dealing out retribution (***WRATH***) to those who do not know God and to those who do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus. These will pay the penalty of eternal destruction, away from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of His power..."

    (2 Thess. 1:6-9 NASB)

    Or if you prefer it in Spanish...

    "Porque después de todo, es justo delante de Dios retribuir con aflicción a los que os afligen,
    y daros alivio a vosotros que sois afligidos, y también a nosotros, cuando el Señor Jesús sea revelado desde el cielo con sus poderosos ángeles en llama de fuego, dando retribución a los que no conocen a Dios, y a los que no obedecen al evangelio de nuestro Señor Jesús. Estos sufrirán el castigo de eterna destrucción, excluidos de la presencia del Señor y de la gloria de su poder..."

  15. Buckeroo

    Buckeroo Guest

    What's wrong with the print for this thread????

  16. Thummin

    Thummin Guest

    and every other chapter too. It is the message of the Bible on a mystery level, and it is the reality God will perform the next 1000 years, ie judgment day or "THE DAY OF THE LORD" wherein every eye will see him and God will TRANSFORM THE HEART by the circumcision in the "TWINKLING of an eye", just as a good Rabbi circumcises quickly to cause a minimum amount of pain. There is hardly any way to avoid the terror and anxiety of entering the root of the tree so you can ARISE ie be LIFTED UP (as ENOCH-name means "INITIATED") was in Gen 5. Its there everywhere if you understand the experience. Soon more and more people will. It is the ONLY HOPE for mankind. To be re-BOOTED, in the twinkling of an eye, like a computer. God will REPROGRAM US as his SONS the second time around.
  17. kesolutions

    kesolutions Guest

    I'm Pre-Wrath....but I'm open to a convincing discussion.
  18. ChosenbyHim

    ChosenbyHim Guest

    G-d has appointment dates set with His people. As noted in the thread regarding Jewish Feasts and end-times, the progression of the feasts and what they represent swayed me to be a pre-tribber!

  19. NurseAngel1

    NurseAngel1 Guest

    I guess that I am the wait and see type. None of the titles seem to fit me. I guess I am a when ever God feels like it believer. I just try to live each day as if it were to be the last and pray I am doing what God wants me to do.


  20. LilyLamb

    LilyLamb Guest

    The one that says we win in the end! :D
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