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Poll - Views of the Bible

Discussion in 'General Theology' started by dms1972, Nov 23, 2021.

What is your view of the Bible?

  1. The Bible IS the Word of God (Orthodox)

    14 vote(s)
  2. The Bible CONTAINS the Word of God (Liberal)

    2 vote(s)
  3. The Bible BECOMES the Word of God (Neo-orthodox)

    0 vote(s)
  4. Other view

    11 vote(s)
  5. Not sure

    2 vote(s)
  1. pescador

    pescador Newbie Supporter

    And an example of this is..?
  2. pescador

    pescador Newbie Supporter

    Great post!
  3. pescador

    pescador Newbie Supporter

    What are you talking about? Just because God spoke trees into existence is irrelevant to the subject. God spoke many things into existence.
  4. ViaCrucis

    ViaCrucis Evangelical Catholic of the Augsburg Confession

    United States
    In Relationship
    I voted "other".

    The Scriptures are the word of God because they contain the Word of God. The Scriptures are the source, the fount of faith, in which God's words of Law and Gospel are presented, and in which Jesus Christ, the Divine Logos Himself, is found. Jesus Christ is the point of the Bible, Jesus is the Word, the Utterance, that fills every page of Holy Writ.

    The Scriptures are the word of God, because they contain the Word of God, and become the word of God through faithful preaching and reading/hearing of Scripture. The vehicle through which God continues to proclaim the truth of His Law, the truth of His Gospel; by which the Law mortifies our flesh and calls us to active righteousness in the world; and the Gospel which declares our sins forgiven and grants us peace with God in Christ Jesus and by which we are freely and fully justified by the imputed righteousness of Christ.

    As Martin Luther said, "We believe the Scriptures for Christ's sake; we do not believe in Christ for the Scriptures' sake."

  5. Strong in Him

    Strong in Him I can do all things through Christ Supporter

    United Kingdom
    Thank you. :)
  6. .Mikha'el.

    .Mikha'el. Young Fogie Staff Member Supervisor Supporter

    Read 1 Samuel 17 very carefully and tell me exactly how Goliath died.
  7. zoidar

    zoidar Well-Known Member Supporter

    The Bible is the Word of God, but the Ford manual is the manual of Ford. It is God breathed alright, the message is, not like every word has to be that exact word for it to be God breathed, or else only the orginals are God's Word.
  8. Fervent

    Fervent Well-Known Member

    United States
    Not quite sure how to vote in this poll, since the first option is actually broader than it appears. It is not the word of God in the way that Islamists claim the Qu'ran is the word of God(literally spoken by God in revelation) as it is the work of a collection of human authors with their own personalities being part of the fabric of it. Yet it is the word of God in the sense that every bit of it is authoritative, inspired, and intentioned by the Holy Spirit. So should I vote other or 1st option?
  9. hedrick

    hedrick Senior Veteran Supporter

    Except the prophets, which claim pretty close to verbal inspiration, though Iā€™d guess the word choice is actually theirs.