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The flaming rule has been revised again. It has been under discussion for awhile now. We want to point this out to you so you can avoid violating that rule. Over the last few years, we have had to add to that rule. We needed to point out that "snowflake" was flaming as a name, that "teabagger" is inappropriate, that changing a quote of another was goading, and now something new.

The rating system was meant simply to indicate that you agree or like, or find a joke funny, or think a post is a winner. However, the rating system is being used to goad now. For example, a member writes a serious post about something not at all funny, then a member who is politically or ideologically opposed rates it "funny." It is not goading every time, but can be, particularly if one member repeatedly rates another member's posts like that, as if they are following that member.

So the flaming rule has been adjusted, and the new part is in red:
EDIT - this has been updated again

Flaming and Goading
  • Please treat all members with respect and courtesy through civil dialogue.
  • Do not personally attack (insult, belittle, mock, ridicule) other members or groups of members on CF, or use nicknames to do so. A list of unacceptable names can be found here.. Address only the content of the post and not the poster.
  • NO Goading. This includes images, cartoons, smileys or post ratings which are clearly meant to goad. Quoting and then editing another members post to change the original meaning, commonly referred to as "fixed it for you" (FIFY), is considered goading.
  • "Calling out" a member is an unsolicited comment about another member in reference to something they may have said, their personal beliefs, their signature, or their avatar (challenging the member in a negative manner). This applies to any thread, whether the called out member is participating in that thread or not. Do not quote, or make comments about another member, in your signature or user title.
  • Offensive derogatory nicknames and egregious inflammatory comments about public figures may be considered goading.
  • Stating or implying that another Christian member, or group of members, are not Christian is not allowed.
  • If you are flamed, do not respond in-kind. Alert staff to the situation by utilizing the report button.

Please do not use the rating system to mock or goad another member.
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