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Please pray

Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by HehasRisen, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. HehasRisen

    HehasRisen Faith as small as a mustard seed

    United States
    Been hearing voices and been having trouble letting go of past. Any prayer is appreciated, thank you.
    We teamed up with Faith Counseling. Can they help you today?
  2. musicalpilgrim

    musicalpilgrim pilgrim on the sacred music pathway Supporter Angels Team

    United Kingdom
    I pray for you,
    Dear Father, dispel the voices dear Lord,
    Pour out your peace that passes all understanding,
    Light the path, and direct the steps, show the pilgrim way, in Jesus name
  3. devin553344

    devin553344 Enlighten our lives dear Lord

    United States
    You should see a psychiatrist doctor if you're hearing voices.
  4. Mydreams

    Mydreams Well-Known Member

    Lord bless HehasRisen, and this prayer, let HehasRisen hear no voices but hear only your voices. In Jesus loving name, Amen!
  5. LoricaLady

    LoricaLady YHWH's Supporter

    I'm so sorry you are having that experience. I pray that you will be led in the right directions to be freed from that, and I pray that you will also get healing from the hurts you have experienced in the past.