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Please help Ian Stillman! (-Christian charity worker)

Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by Da Berkshire Massive, Apr 9, 2002.

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  1. Da Berkshire Massive

    Da Berkshire Massive New Member

    We teamed up with Faith Counseling. Can they help you today?
  2. amie

    amie Survivor

    I will pray for him...with love and blessings...
    Amie :angel:
  3. Brother_Joey_Gowdy

    Brother_Joey_Gowdy Single and Looking for a Proverbs 31 Wife

    will be praying for him
  4. Blynn

    Blynn Well-Known Member

    United States
    I am also praying.

    God bless
  5. StogusMaximus

    StogusMaximus Well-Known Member

  6. HisLamb

    HisLamb Active Member

    Praying for him.
  7. Da Berkshire Massive

    Da Berkshire Massive New Member

    Hi! Thanks everyone!

    Even if you can only pray where you are, everything you do will help set this :cool: guy free!

    God Bless you all!

    Da Berkshire Massive. :cool:
  8. Da Berkshire Massive

    Da Berkshire Massive New Member

    Ian Stillman- Urgent prayer needed.
    Hi, I now have the proper info about Ian Stillman and
    what is happening this week.

    Please pray primarily that Ian will be granted an
    appeal and also given bail asap and that a decision
    from the Indian Supreme Court on an appeal and
    therefore the granting of bail will not be left until
    after the long summer recess.

    Please pray also that the Indian Supreme Court will
    give Ian the fair trial he has so far been denied
    (through discrimination and corruption) and that the
    judges will realise his innocence and his profound
    deafness (not acknowledged by lower courts) and
    disability which means he cannot possibly have carried
    the 20kg of cannabis he is convicted of possessing and
    rule in his favour.

    Please pray that God will bring about a Not Guilty
    verdict and will lead the Supreme Court, which is a
    law making body to pass laws against the everyday
    discrimination of disabled people in India (where they
    are seen as cursed by God) in everyday life and
    particularly in the Indian legal system.

    Please also pray that Ian will once again recieve the
    medical care he needs and that God will keep him

    Below are all the details on the latest going's on:

    Free Ian Stillman - update

    05 May 02

    Hearing on 6 May - Medical stalemate - International

    Hearing on 6 May
    A routine phone call to Ian's lawyers in Delhi
    revealed that the initial Supreme Court hearing will
    be held next Monday, 6 May. This is vital as the Court
    will decide whether to hear Ian's appeal or not. If
    so, we understand they will give a date for the appeal
    and decide whether to grant bail immediately or give a
    date for a separate bail hearing (most likely).

    The Indian lawyers are conferring how best to present
    the case. Indira Jaising will present it on Monday.
    Please pray for wisdom and for success! We have
    requested the British High Commission to send an
    official to observe proceedings, and Lennie or Sue
    (Ian's son and wife) may be present.

    Medical stalemate
    There was a security clampdown at the jail last week
    because some prisoners tried to escape. So Lennie had
    little access to Ian. Follow-up visits to hospital and
    dentist have been impossible. Medically there is
    little progress. Some deaf friends have come up from
    Delhi to see Ian and hope to visit on Saturday with
    Lennie. Ian does not yet know about Monday's hearing!

    International support
    The petition signing is going really well - now nearly
    15,000 and in many countries. If you live outside the
    UK, please post completed forms back to the address in
    Leeds, UK (on the bottom of the form) so they can be
    totalled together. Do take forms into work, college,
    school or to local shops where you think there may be
    interest in Ian's case.

    Caroline Spelman MP, the UK Shadow International
    Development Secretary, raised Ian's case with the
    British High Commission during a recent visit to
    India. We are encouraged that so many MPs are
    concerned. If you have received a letter from the UK
    Foreign Office you are not happy with, then please do
    write again expressing your concerns - it does appear
    that individual letters count!

    In York UK there was a 'Free Ian Stillman' church
    service attended by 200. The York press carried a big
    report (highlighting the support of the Archbishop)
    and a long interview with Sue (by phone). Read these
    at http//www.thisisyork.co.uk/york/news/stillman.html
    A group in Northern Ireland is planning a similar

    Things are moving! Many thanks for your continuing

    Background info

    Ian Stillman(50) is a deaf, one-legged aid worker in
    India with an international reputation.
    He was recently unjustly sentenced in North India to
    ten years for possessing drugs.
    Sue is Ian’s wife and co-worker
    Lennie is their son
    Elspeth is Ian’s sister, married to Jerry
    Nambikkai is the foundation for the deaf pioneered by
    Ian & Sue
    More news and action at www.ianstillman.fsnet.co.uk
    [email protected]. uk
    Fax 00 44 1794 367576
    (01794 367576 in UK)
  9. newworldcrusader

    newworldcrusader Regular Member

    Lord please help This christan who is imprisoned in India. Lord you can do anything so if iit is your wish do so> Lord you may have a plan for this christian so it is up to you. :pray: I am always Praying
  10. Mandy

    Mandy Well-Known Member

    I will keep Ian Stillman in my prayers.
  11. newworldcrusader

    newworldcrusader Regular Member

    still prayen :pray:
  12. newworldcrusader

    newworldcrusader Regular Member

    sorry :pray:
  13. Da Berkshire Massive

    Da Berkshire Massive New Member

    Dear Everyone,

    Well this is obviously meant to run and run. Once again - not the news that we expected. The Judge has refused to allow Ian's case to go to appeal at the Supreme Court. Our lawyer, Indira Jaisingh, pointed out all the contradictions and anomalies in the case - one of which could be enough to have the case dismissed - and also the fact that Ian is completely deaf and no provision was made for him. The judge said that the High Court had found Ian to be merely hard of hearing and not deaf and therefore the medical evidence proving his deafness was not necessary. He also said (and this is the really outrageous bit) - that it is apparently common knowledge that disabled people are often involved in drug trafficking and drug smuggling. (As we have obviously not yet seen the transcript, these are not on the record quotations - yet). Such comments are obviously going to create further controversy about the case. The lawyer also brought up the issue of Ian's character and credibility; this was also not accepted. He upheld the decision of the High Court and said they would not hear anything more about it. We were very pleased that the Consul from the British High Commission was able to be present to observe all this.

    So where does that leave Ian and the family? The lawyers say that they have never seen anything like this and are going to discuss the next course of action over the next couple of days, to see how best to proceed. There may be a possibility of medical parole. Also there may be a constitutional point in that Ian could not take part in the original trial so therefore the Supreme Court may not have the right to refuse to hear it. All these are questions that will need to be discussed and thought through. It may not yet be the end of the road legally; the lawyers are suggesting there may be a route to go higher.

    That's it so far - another disappointment. We hadn't had enough warning of this to get our hopes really high, but it still is a big set-back. This again was the 'worst-case scenario' that we didn't really expect. Ian of course will not know any of this yet, as Sue and Lennie were at the court today. Do pray for them all as they try to come to terms with this decision; it will not be easy for any of them as the last few months have been very difficult anyway. We will - needless to say - continue to fight this.

    Thank you for all the thoughts, prayers and good wishes and for the ongoing support. We will keep you posted over the next few days.

    Best wishes and in haste

    Elspeth and Jerry
  14. HisLamb

    HisLamb Active Member

    Still praying for Ian!
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