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Owning My Truth

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Alive At Last, Mar 29, 2020.

  1. Alive At Last

    Alive At Last New Member

    United States
    Emptiness, longing, sorrow

    I felt those emotions for a long time, starting as a child. I had a happy, loving, family life and suffered no more hardships in life than any of my peers. Growing up I always had plenty of wonderful friendships and other such relationships. Yet I felt that emptiness, longing, and sorrow nonetheless.

    Unable to discern the source of these feelings or conceive of a single reason for my having them I simply dismissed them. Buried them. I lived my life that way for decades. I didn't realize it at the time but my life was ruled by the feelings I was so certain I had rid myself of. Those feelings led me down paths far, far astray from the only path which would have truly rid me of those feelings. Feelings I would deny having and yet paradoxically try to combat them with the most destructive means.

    I only wish I had known then what I know now: to know Christ and to ask him to enter one's heart is to finally, truly, be alive!

    I have finally made some real progress on my spiritual journey -- finally accepting that I am indeed on a spiritual journey and have been all along -- but I know I have far yet to go.

    Thank you for having me. Be well.
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  2. Anhelyna

    Anhelyna Handmaid of God Supporter CF Senior Ambassador

    Eastern Orthodox
    Welcome to you , Alive At Last :wave:

    We are all on a journey - I hope you enjoy being with us and sharing your experiences
  3. Tigger45

    Tigger45 St. Maron Supporter

    United States
    Glad you decided to join us!
  4. sunshineforJesus

    sunshineforJesus is so in love with God Supporter

    United States
    Thats great and welcome here.
  5. faroukfarouk

    faroukfarouk Fading curmudgeon

    Hi; good to see you; and I expect you've read John 14.1-6 with themes that you mention.
  6. Deade

    Deade Well-Known Member Supporter

    United States
    Hello AliveAL,
    welcome to CF.

    I hope you'll enjoy your stay here.


  7. SirHash

    SirHash New Member

    United States
    Yeah, it's a journey not a destination. Walk it with the "Fear of the Lord". Welcome aboard.