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Overcoming in a Long-term Dental Health Challenge

Discussion in 'General Physical Health' started by GraceTruthLove, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. GraceTruthLove

    GraceTruthLove Christian

    Hello All,

    I have severe gum recession for my age. So far I have had two surgeries to treat it, and I need two more surgeries this year.

    I have dental insurance and so far I have been able to pay the out-of-pocket costs (thank God!). Yet when I look in the mirror I can see the problem getting worse - a suspicion my periodontist confirmed. This could mean more surgeries in the future despite the fact that I follow the treatment program, that I keep up with my dental hygiene, etc.

    I worry about the possible future financial and health implications. God is my Healer and Provider - and all of this is in His hands. I know all that in my head, yet I keep struggling with relentless anxiety.

    To those who have overcome in similar situations - how were you able to put away your worry and just trust God?
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