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OT: What was the most useful baby item you used?

Discussion in 'The Ancient Way - Eastern Orthodox' started by choirfiend, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. NyssaTheHobbit

    NyssaTheHobbit Orthodox Christian (chrismation date 1/10/09)

    Eastern Orthodox
    Diaper genie, changing table and baby wipes! Also, cloth diapers, which I could use for burp cloths, protection from my son's "shooter," and something to catch the pee/poop that kept coming out during diaper changes.

    The carriers didn't work for me at all.
  2. bliz

    bliz Contributor

    Four things were most valuable to me with three wee tot youngins'

    chest carrier for little ones
    backpack for older
    good old British terrycloth nappies
    hand held food grinder that can come to the table
  3. Dorothea

    Dorothea One of God's handmaidens

    United States
    Eastern Orthodox
    OOOOOOoooo, you've got it made. :D You are lucky!!!
  4. Spiritus7

    Spiritus7 Newly Illumined

    Eastern Orthodox
    Congratulations, choirfiend! I am not married nor have any children myself; but I have a new niece and a sister who is a nanny for many children. My sister mentioned the cups that conform on the babies forehead to wash their hair and help rinse out the suds without getting it into their little eyes. This seems to be very helpful. Also the pacifiers are always a help, and the little clips that attach the pacifiers to their outfits for when they spit them out. :)
  5. Thekla

    Thekla Guest

  6. cassc

    cassc Veteran- I am an Orthodox Christian

    Eastern Orthodox

    Although I haven't had children yet, during college I worked in a nursery taking care of the newborns and teaching parents how to wrap, diaper and bath their babies. There are a lot of great recommendations, wash clothes are indispensable, the absolute best baby T-shirts are the snap ones that MR recommended because you have easy diaper access and if you are bathing a baby in a drafty room it's easy to sponge clean without completely exposing baby (example here) The pacifiers most used by hospitals: soothies but my favorite thing to give any mom expecting a little boy is the pee-pee teepee it might be useful but more importantly it just makes everyone laugh
  7. heart of peace

    heart of peace Well-Known Member

    Eastern Orthodox
    Congratulations, choirfiend, on your pregnancy. May you have a blessed and enjoyable pregnancy with a happy and safe birthing!

    In addition to the many awesome suggestions offered already, I LOVED LOVED LOVED my baby bumbo seat. I used it for a loooong time.
  8. Tiger Lily

    Tiger Lily O Come and Adore Him

    Eastern Orthodox
    I was going to suggest diapers, but a lot of others already suggested it. Guess that one is well-covered... no pun intended. :)
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