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Open Doors Prayer Requests 11/15/2017

Discussion in 'Persecuted Christians' started by LoricaLady, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. LoricaLady

    LoricaLady YHWH's


    Ruth Shares Her Dreams of Freedom in a Secret Meeting
    David Curry, CEO Open Doors USA

    Last week, I traveled to Washington D.C., where we met with the White House to talk about bringing aid to Christians on the Nineveh Plains. At Open Doors, we’re committed to standing with the body of Christ around the world and introducing you to our persecuted family members who have hopes and aspirations just like you do and are answering the call to be salt and light in their homes and communities. Meet Ruth, a 30-something mother of three in Eritrea who dreams of one day seeing her children free to worship their Savior.

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    Called to Lead in the Face of Personal Trials and Persecution
    Laotian wife and mom Jik also shares how God sustained her and her family while her husband served a prison sentence for sharing the gospel—ultimately using her courage and faith to birth 62-plus churches throughout their province. Now they’re praying for a truck to take their ministry on the road.

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    Smiling Over the Sound of Minarets
    In Tunisia, where 99 percent of the population is Sunni Muslim. Mustapha, a 29-year-old civil engineer and father of two, prays for the young Christian church he’s helping lead. “New converts don’t understand they are part of the church,” he says, “and that church is about people, about ministry… .”
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    World Watch Prayer Alert: Mexico
    In Mexico (#41 on the 2017 World Watch List), organized crime and corruption impact the 122 million Christians who live there, particularly those involved in social transformation ministry—a threat to drug cartels and other criminal groups. Please join us to pray with our persecuted family, especially those whose conversion to Christianity from indigenous traditional beliefs often brings persecution from their families and communities.
  2. NurseAbigail

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    Dear Father in Heaven, we lift up our bros and sis in Christ who are bravely serving in the missionfield, specially Jik and Dok, thank You, Father for preserving their lives, thank You for protecting them, may their ministry continue to grow. May Godly men and women arise in politics in their nation of Laos to change the system, may there be revival in the land and may the people be free to worship You.

    We also lift up our bro Mustapha, that You would encourage him and strengthen him, send him God fearing workers who will help establish the church and stir the hearts of the members that they will move in their giftings and be of service to Your kingdom. May You protect the church with Your angels from any physical attacks from the enemy. Take away the veil that blinds the eyes, may the believers see and understand and hunger for Your Word and see the importance of the gospel.

    We also lift up Mexico, please move amongst the believers there, and may revival break forth. We come against the works of the enemy who brings confusion and chaos, we pray for the dismantling of the drug cartels and violence that has cursed the land. We pray for healing and hunger for more of You to sweep in the hearts of the young and old. Raise up men and women who are filled with Your Holy Spirit that they would preach the Word clear and with power, we come against any false teachings that has been embeded for centuries, the false belief systems that man has made, may Your Word be supreme truth in the land. Heal mexico and its people, Dear Lord. In Jesus Name, we ask all these. Amen.