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One Religion/False Prophet?

Discussion in 'Eschatology - Endtimes & Prophecy Forum' started by Yauming, Feb 2, 2002.

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  1. Willis Deal

    Willis Deal Member

    My opinion only... We already see attempts to unify different denominations and different beliefs. After the 9-11 attacks we saw people from all beliefs praying together. We see the media leading the way for 'religious tolerance' and fundamental Christians labeled 'The American Taliban'.

    We don't necessarily need a one world religion to which every single individual subscribes, we only need a 'sanctioned' religion. During a time of crisis (and the tribulation will certainly qualify) it is easy to imagine religious leaders around the world setting aside their differences for 'the common good'. While they probably won't be able to completely reconcile all differences it would be suffecient to simply ignore differences and concentrate on similiarities.

    It could happen easier and quicker than you might think. Everyone was shocked when Communism collapsed, virtually overnight. When the time comes things can happen very quickly.
  2. Willis Deal

    Willis Deal Member

    Without a doubt, the pope will have to play a crucial role in unifying different beliefs.
  3. Crazy4Christ

    Crazy4Christ Daughter of God

    I think its erm the Christian Church of Scientology and this guy ( alive right now ) claims hes Jesus came back... but its false and some people believe it...
  4. Bob Evenson

    Bob Evenson New Member

    (post edited by marmaladePRO )
  5. Josephus

    Josephus <b>Co-Founder Christian Forums</b> Supporter

    ok Bob, perhaps you're not reading me. PLEASE READ YOUR Private MESSAGE (PM). thank you. :)
  6. bumpas

    bumpas New Member

    In the earliest days of the christian church,religian and church were one and the same.

    (Could happen again.)
  7. postrib

    postrib Well-Known Member

    > ...Do you think one of the future popes could be the false
    > prophet?...

    The False Prophet could possibly be a future Pope, by whose miracles the world will be deceived into worshipping the Antichrist (Revelation 13:11-16). Even today many Christians in the Catholic Church know that a false Pope will arise and that they must not follow him.

    Horns can represent kings (Revelation 17:12, Daniel 7:24), so the two horns of the False Prophet (Revelation 13:11) may represent his holding the highest positions of authority in both Christianity and Islam, becoming both Pope and Ayatollah.

    Just as some secret societies begin the initiate with religious principles, only to overturn these as they move into the higher degrees, ending in Luciferianism at the very highest, so the Antichrist may begin as one very religious, combining Christianity and Islam, and then Judaism and Buddhism and Hinduism all into one amalgamate religion of which his False Prophet shall be vizier, proclaiming the Antichrist as Christ, Mahdi, Messiah, Maitreya, and Kalki, only to eventually overturn all religion and turn the world to the worship of Lucifer (Revelation 13:4) and the Antichrist himself as God (Revelation 13:8, 2 Thessalonians 2:4).

    The Antichrist will definitely try to redefine man's concept of God (Revelation 13:6), possibly by propagating some of the doctrines of Gnosticism, one of the earliest enemies of the church.

    Gnostic teachings were rekindled near the turn of the last century by a Madame Blavatsky and others and renamed Theosophy, the underlying doctrine of the New Age.

    The Antichrist may say that YHWH is the name of an evil power who made the physical universe, bound up spirits in physical bodies, and made them live on the earth under his oppressive laws and go through reincarnations so he could watch the events on earth for his amusement, while he (the Antichrist) has now arisen to set mankind free from YHWH's laws and from "the prison of our physical bodies." One of the underlying assumptions of Gnosticism was that matter was evil. This is why they said Christ could not have come in the flesh (1 John 4:3).

    Because of 2 Thessalonians 2:4-12 and Revelation 13:4-8, I believe the "strong delusion" will be that Satan and the Antichrist are God.

    The Antichrist and his False Prophet may teach that Lucifer ("light-bearer") is the real hero and God of mankind and YHWH its oppressor. He may say that Lucifer tried to free Adam and Eve from YHWH’s tyranny from the start and that he told them the truth of their spiritual immortality when he said "You shall not surely die" (Genesis 3:1-5), but YHWH has been able to oppress a duped humanity up until these end times, when the serpent will return in all his magnificent glory to lead humanity in its final great battle and victory over YHWH (Revelation 12:9, 16:14-16).

    In the end times, counterfeit signs and miracles (Mark 13:22-23) will be performed through the power of demons. But because few people would willingly follow "demons," they will have to masquerade as something else (2 Corinthians 11:14-15). In ancient times demons masqueraded as "gods"; currently they’re "Ascended Masters." In the end times they may also try to present themselves as rebel "aliens" liberated from YHWH's oppression who are now come to help us.

    But the Antichrist’s defeat at the return of Christ is clearly portrayed in scripture (Revelation 19:20), so how could he possibly deceive people into fighting Christ at his return? And how could he cause them to "take the mark" when Revelation warns so clearly against it? (Revelation 14:9-11)

    First, worldwide, relatively few people read the Bible very much anymore. Even in the US, an entire generation is growing up knowing practically nothing of scripture. And many who do know the prophetic scriptures are now saying they aren't really that important for Christians to know because "we'll all be gone in a pre-trib rapture anyway." Others are saying that all the prophetic scriptures were already fulfilled in the past, while others are spiritualizing them away, saying they don’t refer to outward events at all.

    Second, the Antichrist may claim the Bible is only YHWH’s propaganda sent to deceive people. He may do his best to rid the earth of every Bible he can find, and have great success (Amos 8:12).

    Without the word, and completely deceived by the exciting powers given to the Antichrist's False Prophet (Revelation 13:12-18) by the "Ascended Masters" or allied "aliens," the world will be brought to the point where it will willingly and joyfully worship the Antichrist (Revelation 13:4-8) and even Lucifer himself in his true dragon form (Revelation 13:4, 12:3).

    I believe scriptures such as Revelation 19:11-20:10 will be entirely unknown, forgotten, or rejected as lies by most of the world in less than 11 years from now. A small remnant of the church will have them in remembrance and will hold onto them while in hiding or in prison or in insane asylums. They will be willing to die for them and the truth of Christ’s victory which they portray (Revelation 6:9, 20:4; Mark 8:35-38, John 16:1-4).

  8. ClieGuy

    ClieGuy Member

    I am not well versed in this topic, but in reading through the thread a couple of thoughts came to mind.

    If you look at the direction of the Christian's current status in politics. We are almost a non-entity. More and more decisions are made from a secular viewpoint (abortion, separation of church and state). This trend will eventually make it illegal to express Christian beliefs in public (this is not an extremest view, just noting current trends). It kind of forces us to act like an underground organization vs. a leading organization. I imagine that this plays right into the antichrist's hand.

    With the 9/11 event, more people feel they need to learn more about the Islamic religion and are reading books about it, even their bible. What better way for satan to plant his seeds of doubt in our minds then to fill it with that garbage. I find it more usefull to spend that time immersed in the real bible. Don't underestimate the power of the evil one when you try to just learn what the other religions believe even if your intentions are just.

    Just a couple of thoughts from my limited viewpoint.

    In Christ,
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