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On the radio...

Discussion in 'Praise and Worship Music' started by DeerGlow, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. DeerGlow

    DeerGlow User Gifted Supporter Status by Someone Else Supporter

    United States
    I heard this song. Not making it up.

    It describes a woman with tear-stained eyes. She feels utterly defeated, and unlovable, asking "How did I end up here/get like this?" Might have said if she can ever return. Idk maybe that was reading myself into her but it was more... seemed like someone saved, veered off into serious sin and/or idolatry, and wondering how she can be loved but the singer says "Don't you know who/what you are?" If I remember right called her something like a child or redeemed person. It seemed at least in the gist to be calling her saved and loved beyond understanding.

    I just.... :confused2:
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  2. CodyFaith

    CodyFaith Well-Known Member Supporter


    If you ask me, having read your struggles privately and relating to you very much in your struggles, I believe this is very much about you and very much from God.

    I've had songs directly from God spoke to me like this as well. I've struggled in the same ways you have, not knowing if I was saved or not, not taking it on faith that I am saved and struggling with trying to "know". You're not alone in these struggles and you're not hopeless to have these fears removed - nothing is impossible with God and he can completely change aspects of our lives with a flick of a switch at times - if it's in his plans for us. We are strong when we are weak, we grow stronger through our trials.

    Remember, we walk by faith not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7 That includes trying to "know" if we're saved, we're supposed to take it on faith.
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