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On Crossway and the ESV-CE

Discussion in 'Ask a Calvinist' started by Knightwolflord, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. Knightwolflord

    Knightwolflord Christian Lector

    United States
    Christ is Risen! A warm paschal greeting to everyone. :wave:

    This is a bit of a strange and specific question, so do please bear with me.

    I recently acquired a copy of the ESV-Catholic Edition which was recently (2017-18) published after an agreement between Crossway and the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India (where the ESV is now being used for readings in the liturgy). It is slightly different than the standard 2016 ESV, but the differences are slight and reflect stylistic changes mostly (aside from, obviously, the inclusion of the Deuterocanon). A good review of the ESV-CE can be found here on Youtube. It shows some of the changes and the like.

    Personally, I am very excited about this edition as I had been looking for a more recent translation than my RSV-2CE that retains much of the KJV tradition and excellent translation standards. I am considering making the ESV-CE my primary translation for study and devotion. But aside from that, I have noticed that there have been some negative reactions to this new edition by Catholics and Protestants alike. In particular, I have noticed grumblings from some in the Reformed community.

    From what I understand, part of the dissatisfaction seems to be due to the fact that Crossway (again, as I understand it) is a largely Reformed-aligned organization. Moreover, the wide following of Reformed believers using the ESV seems to also play a part. So, it seems, there is disagreement over whether Crossway should have released a copy of the ESV with the deuterocanon/apocrypha, and specifically for use in Catholic worship and study. Given Crossway's publishing history and deep focus on topics in the historic stream of the Reformation, this seems quite understandable.

    So, I was wondering if my Reformed brothers and sisters here in CF could share their own opinions on this seemingly controversial move to create Catholic edition of the ESV by Crossway. I am genuinely curious as to any and all opinions from a Reformed perspective. Thanks! :)
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  2. JM

    JM Particular Baptist Supporter

    Crossway wants to corner the market on Christian publishing so I'm not surprised. I wonder about their motives, is it purely for profit? They have an Anglican Bible, Lutheran Apocrypha for the LCMS, numerous editions of study Bibles, readers, fancy boxed "reader editions," etc. The spine of the cheaper editions have ESV twice on the spine as well as English Standard Version. How many times do they need to advertise their edition?


    I'm happy you found a decent Bible and I pray you read it, my issue is with Crossway and how they operate. I still do not own an ESV. Order one but returned it. It was cheaply made and the paper was horrible.

    I've used and own the Didache Bible from Ignatius Press published by Midwest Theological Forum and found it to be excellent in explaining the Roman Catholic faith because it uses the catechism but I would recommend using a regular Bible without notes.

    Yours in the Lord,