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Ohio man arrested for threatening local Jewish center

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by essentialsaltes, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. essentialsaltes

    essentialsaltes Stranger in a Strange Land

    Legal Union (Other)
    Ohio white nationalist, anti-Semite arrested for threatening to shoot up Jewish community center, police say

    An Ohio man has been arrested for making threats toward a local Jewish community center in New Middletown.

    On Friday, the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force raided Reardon’s house and seized a cache of weapons and ammunition, including dozens of round of ammo, multiple semi-automatic weapons, a gas mask and bulletproof armor.

    Reardon is an avowed anti-Semite and white nationalist and attended the deadly "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017, according to WYTV. During the raid on his house on Friday police also discovered anti-Semitic and white nationalist propaganda.
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  2. thecolorsblend

    thecolorsblend If God is your Father, who is your Mother?

    What exactly is this? Is it a synagogue? If it's a synagogue, why not just call it a synagogue?
  3. essentialsaltes

    essentialsaltes Stranger in a Strange Land

    Legal Union (Other)
  4. Aryeh Jay

    Aryeh Jay Veteran Supporter CF Senior Ambassador

    United States
    I wish the Jews would quit being a different religion and conform to what the Catholics and their Pope in Rome want.
  5. jayem

    jayem Naturalist

    Shouldn't it be the reverse? Jesus's ministry during his life was almost exclusvely to the Jews. His message to them was that salvation is obtained by believing in him and following his purified version of Judaism. So maybe Catholics should become Jewish in the manner of Jesus himself. He never said a thing about Popes, bishops, sacraments, masses, saints, or praying to his mom. Right? :oldthumbsup:
  6. JCFantasy23

    JCFantasy23 In a Kingdom by the Sea. Staff Member Administrator Supporter CF Senior Ambassador Angels Team

    United States
    Veering back on topic *hint, nudge*, I'm glad they caught the man before he did anything tragic.

    I wonder if these sorts of things are routinely screened and caught, but it's only reported more now because of the political climate and hate-filled shootings? Or are they somehow able to look into the threats more?