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OEC (old earth creation)

Discussion in 'Creation & Evolution' started by JohnR7, Aug 7, 2003.

  1. Mechanical Bliss

    Mechanical Bliss Secrecy and accountability cannot co-exist.

    Of course you are doing nothing but trusting and worshipping your interpretation of the Bible "(fallible man)" while denying facts.
  2. JohnR7

    JohnR7 Well-Known Member

    As I have shown before, I do not need science. My brother in law still plows with a ox, so I could move my family to the Philippines, build a home out of bamboo and we would be just fine. I love to build with bamboo, so I am sure I would be content and happy. But I do need God, and I would not want to spend one moment of my life without God.

    No one argues that the world we live in is a "Young" world. You say a day in Genesis is 24 hours, I say a day to God is as 1000 years to man. The world we live in began about 13,970 years ago, at the end of the last ice age. Most everyone agrees with that.

    What you are not willing to accept is that there was an ancient world here before the world we now live in was created. It makes me wonder how you deal with words like: "ancient" & "everlasting" in the Bible. For example:

    Deut. 33:15
    With the best things of the ancient mountains,
    With the precious things of the everlasting hills,

    You would deny that the mountains are "ancient" and that the hills are "everlasting".

    Habakkuk 3:6
    He stood, and measured the earth: he beheld, and drove asunder the nations; and the everlasting mountains were scattered, the perpetual hills did bow: his ways are everlasting.

    Psalm 90:2-4
    Before the mountains were brought forth,
    Or ever You had formed the earth and the world,
    Even from everlasting to everlasting, You are God.

    [3] You turn man to destruction,
    And say, "Return, O children of men."
    [4] For a thousand years in Your sight
    Are like yesterday when it is past,
    And like a watch in the night
  3. LorentzHA

    LorentzHA Electric Kool-Aid Girl

    Other Religion
    They could have really used a guy like you on the set of Gilligan's Island ;)
  4. LorentzHA

    LorentzHA Electric Kool-Aid Girl

    Other Religion
    I do, I argue that our world is young! You answered your OWN question (see above) You started the LAST Ice Age. That is a correct statement. There were several before. Why would the world BEGIN with ice????? Must we suffer these Bible quotes, really John, forgive me if this is rude, but that proves NOTHING!
  5. wblastyn

    wblastyn Jedi Master

    Is the kingdom you belong to determined by the type of cells you have? Animals have animal cells, plants have plant cells, fungi have fungi cells, protoctista had proctoctista cells and all belong to eukaryotes, bacteria are bacteria cells, which are prokaryote. Or is it more than that?
  6. LorentzHA

    LorentzHA Electric Kool-Aid Girl

    Other Religion
    The names are decided at taxonomy "conferences" among scientists based on the organisms function and role it performs in nature. Each category is called a "taxon" more than one "taxa".

    There are 3 Domains and 6 kingdoms. Yes, in a way it differs because of cells. Prokaryotes are different because the are unicellular organisms and this means bacterias. The Animal cell runs a Krebs Cycle. Where as the Plant Cell runs a Krebs AND Calvin Cycle (light and dark reactions) These cycles are simply the way animals and plants turn sugars into energy the, plant uses the calvin to photosynthesize that is the difference with regard to plants. They obtain and make sugars that way, where animals must eat. The energy we derive is specificially, ATP in humans (animals) and ADP, in plants.

    Two distinct groups have been recognized among the prokayotes which are Archaea and Eubacteria. Archaea meaning "ancient" bacterias that are able to survive harsh conditions such as salt waters. The Eubacteria meand "new bacterias" (Eu-meaning new)

    The 3 Domains are

    1. Archaea
    2. Eubacteria
    3. Eukarya (Animals and plants)

    The 6 Kingdoms are

    1. Archebacteria (aligning under Archaea)
    2. Eubacteria (corresponds to upper domain and has same name)
    3. Protista (algaes, slimes, water milds, etc)-These can also be unicellular in some instances. Some photo-synthesize, others do not.
    4. Fungi (molds, yeasts, mushrooms, mildews)
    5. Plantae (different because of Photosynthesis but similar enough to be in Eykaria with Animals)
    6. Animalia (multi cellular. We have to eat other organisms for survival..too bad we can't do it by going to the beach, eh? :) )Sorry..typing a little fast..I did not mean anything perverse by my first statement

    This is just a brief summary. It is interesting that you mention this because it is under consideration that chimps be moved to their Genus to ours- from "Pans" to "Homo". (And before anyone goes nuts..this is not being decided by me but by The people who decide taxonomy classifications)
  7. Lori-lee

    Lori-lee Regular Member

    wow, this is an old thread. Made for great reading tho