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Obama wins peace prize

Discussion in 'American Politics' started by heavenschild, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Michie

    Michie Perch Perkins. Catholic reporter. ;) Supporter

  2. 2Cosmic2Charlie

    2Cosmic2Charlie Guest


    Boo. Boo.

    Down with America.
  3. WarriorAngel

    WarriorAngel I close my eyes and see you smile Supporter

    Where's the substance, CC?
    Its not about him being 'American' [cough cough]
    Its about achievement and not what someone wishes they achieved.

    And i dont even know what Larry Summers has done.
    As far as i can see - the economy is a breath close to a depression and large industries are closing. 9% or more unemployment [depending on the locale of where you live] and taxes going up.

    Hmmm......and that merits a prize?

  4. 2Cosmic2Charlie

    2Cosmic2Charlie Guest

    He wasn't given it for any of those reasons

    But who cares ??

    Conservatives are just happy when Obama is perceived as losing anything

    Which only increases the perception that Conservatives are anti-American

    (Chicago lost the Olympics - Wheeeee !)
  5. WarriorAngel

    WarriorAngel I close my eyes and see you smile Supporter

    No, conservatives would like to have low taxes - which increases charitable money in the system altho Obama increased taxes on that too - hmmm [which Jesus actually calls for individuals to give, not the government]
    We want more ppl working. Not industries dying.
    Constitution intact. Not amendments that are suffocating free speech.
    Free will left alone. [no mind police]
    Abortion eradicated. Not having tax payers pitching in to fund it.
    Euthansia illegal. Not making it mandatory to teach the elderly how to die. Which is suicide - which as satan knows will destroy the soul that is not depending on the Holy Spirit.

    Of which, being the Fore Fathers were Christian, yes Christian, they were basing on the Lord, the laws enacted.

    Progressives want to eliminate all our freedom and say the government is doing it for God...when the government wont even base their decisions on God....or His Holy Bible. See the speech from Obama.

    America was borne based on Christian principles.
    NOW that IS American. Everything else is an eradication thereof.

    Obama hasnt done a thing, and neither has Larry Summers.

    Again - what did they do exactly??
    NO one can answer that - because the answer is in fact - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!

    Cos its lost on all Americans, even plenty of democrats....from what i have seen in other forums. Who BTW are still holding out hope Obama will DO something worth noting.

    I dont see hope for him in the next election - which is why a little help from his friends [Peace Prize] is involved.
    Liberals helping liberals with the new world order.... i am in the opinion of.

    Hand it over to the UN. ;) Put fear into ppl that we are all going to boil from green gases - meantime the weather has been raunchy cold in most spots.
    Here i was looking forward to planting palm trees and sitting by the pool in January - come to find its going to be nasty cold - and last years minus freezing temps did not impress upon me to jump into my bathing suit.

    So what gives?

    What merit was the prize for?
  6. SolomonVII

    SolomonVII Well-Known Member

    I am satisfied that this is the consensus view. Nobody here there or anywhere has yet given a viable answer to this, and in fact don't even try to.

    If it is now unpatriotic to ask such a question, less than a year into the term of the new regime, how much longer before it ibecomes outright treasonous?

    The non-answers are just that silly.
  7. InTheCloud

    InTheCloud Veteran

    Also since Obama has such Messianic hype, taking him down, even by people that are his supporters, is OK, it just makes him human.

    He was embarrased by the award, sadly not so to reject it.