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Numbers 11:11, 5:55, 4:44, 2:22 etc...

Discussion in 'Sign Gifts' started by Tiffanya, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Tiffanya

    Tiffanya Senior Veteran

    What does this actually mean? I have heard that it is from God/angels. I never wanted to ask as I felt people would think I am insane, but for a while now, and almost on a daily basis, I look at the time and it doesn't matter at which clock I look at, it may be on the microwave, computer etc....and I am very likely to find that it's 11:11/1:11, 2:22, 3:33 (not as often), 4:44, 10:10, 12:12 and even 00:00.

    The most common ones are 1:11/11:11, 22:22/2:22, 5:55. About 2 weeks ago or so, I woke up, and since it had happened to me before, I decided NOT to look at the time, so just stayed in bed still for a few mins, then decided to look at the time, and to my surprise.........it was 5:55am.

    I am not surpersticious, but it can be a bit troublesome, as I have also come across many times a post #111 after I have posted, and also have seen the time a poster has posted staring at me 11:11am/pm.

    Is there anyone that has an explanation for this? It would be highly appreciated.

    Be blessed! :)
  2. Bellicus

    Bellicus Account no longer in use

    I too have often noticed 2:22, and it is just that number for me. And I think I can explain this: Like me, you probably look at what time it is several times a day, so you don't really just see the numbers you describe, but you see all sorts of numbers at any time of the day, but really just notice things like 2:22 because this is a special number. It is not like 2:54 or 2:37 or 2:16. You don't notice those, because there is nothing special about them, but if you had some idea that for example 2:37 were something special, then you would have a special feeling when you noticed that number. If there were 70 minutes each hour, then I guess many Christians would notice 6:66 very often and talk about strange things they thought had to do with this time of day.

    We also have a "internal clock". From how dark it is outside and from what we know from watching the clock the last time, we have some clue what the time is, no matter if we are awake or sleeping. Like some times I have thought "I have to wake up 8 in the morning tomorrow, it is really important" and then I will wake up exactly at that time, or like 1 minute before the alarm clock starts. Even if we are sleeping the consciousness are still in work.
  3. DTrain

    DTrain Libertatem Defendimus

    Some one that I know has the same thing going on with him. :/
  4. EternalMoment

    EternalMoment Junior Member

    In Relationship
    I use to think this was just me also. I have been doing this since 5 years old I am almost 21. This has become a common thing. Now everyone is talking about it. I heard those numbers mean something about Jesus. idk...
  5. dancingforJesus

    dancingforJesus Guest

    I've heard several people mention this and have thought nothing of it. I just thought it was just noticing those because it's different. But, for the last week it seems like every single time I look at the clock it's 1:11 or 11:11. Honestly that seems to be the only time I look at the clock. A few times it's been 2:22 and once it was 1:01, but mostly 1:11 or 11:11. It seems odd to me that a lot of people seem to be doing this and that now it's been the only time I seem to look at the clock. Maybe there's something to it.
    There are some numbers that are significant Biblically. We know that 777 is significant and usually means completion. But, also 1 is significant to represent unity. Paul wrote "there is one body and one Spirit...one Lord, one faith, one baptism" (Ephesians 4:4-5). 3 is also number that is a pure and righteous number. The holy trinity God...the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, which is three. The resurrection of Christ was taken place in 3 days.
    Also I found something that said what they mean according to Revelations:
    2 Signifies solidly confirming a matter.
    (Revelation 11:3, 4; compare Deuteronomy 17:6.)

    3 Denotes emphasis. Also indicates intensity.
    (Revelation 4:8; 8:13; 16:13, 19)

    4 Signifies universalness or foursquareness in symmetry.
    (Revelation 4:6; 7:1, 2; 9:14; 20:8; 21:16)

    6 Signifies imperfection, something not normal, monstrous.
    (Revelation 13:18; compare 2 Samuel 21:20.)

    7 Signifies divinely determined completeness, as to
    Jehovah’s purposes or to Satan’s.
    (Revelation 1:4, 12, 16; 4:5; 5:1, 6; 10:3, 4; 12:3)

    10 Signifies allness or completeness in a physical way,
    as to things on earth.
    (Revelation 2:10; 12:3; 13:1; 17:3, 12, 16)

    12 Signifies a divinely constituted organization either in
    the heavens or on the earth.
    (Revelation 7:5-8; 12:1; 21:12, 16; 22:2)

    24 Signifies Jehovah’s abundant (doubled) organizational
    arrangement. (Revelation 4:4)

    Some numbers mentioned in Revelation are to be understood as literal. Often, the context helps to determine this. (See Revelation 7:4, 9; 11:2, 3; 12:6, 14; 17:3, 9-11; 20:3-5.)

    Just what I've come across in regards to their meaning. If 1 means unity then maybe if you're noticing 1:11 or 11:11 it has something to do with unity for you. If you notice 2:22 and it means confirming a matter then maybe it's confirmation on something you've been needing confirmed. Just a thought. You know, if you take what the numbers are supposed to mean here and put all the ones that a lot of people are noticing together then it would be: unity confirming the universalness of grace.
    I wouldn't really read too much into it though as it may not really mean anything. I don't think it's too good to get caught into it either because you can see what the numbers are supposed to mean and then think that any numbers you notice mean something, when really it doesn't. Maybe it does mean something that a lot of people are noticing these numbers, who knows.
  6. kdesign

    kdesign Graphic Designer

    Hey fellow light worker, don't be worried because I witness the EXACT same numbers as you do.

    Let me tell you, it is a VERY GOOD thing to be aware of this, for me, I had noticed it when I was 19.. I am 20 now, so for about a year on a consistent regular basis I always see those numbers everytime I look at at the time wherever (clock, microwave, cell phone etc.)

    Anyways, what exactly a light worker is can be read here:

    jeshua.net/lightworker/jeshua3.htm (please put www infront) as I cannot post links due to restrictions.

    Please understand, I have lost my brother and father and ever since I started to look for God, and became a Christian I would always see these numbers everywhere I looked. And it was all unintentional, it was almost as if someone turned my head or whispered a voice in my ear saying "go look at the time." I believe these numbers are spiritual messages from them, and everytime you do look at it, they have communicated to you by a sign of numbers.. usually they are signs that you are following the right path and you have completed a significant mission without you being aware of it, but there is more than this that I cannot answer myself because I do not fully understand it.

    There are many of us out in the world who can witness this, Christians or not, but I would say being a Christian and noticing this would be even better, since we have a stronger spiritual connection to God than otherwise.

    But I hope this made some sort of sense to you, please PM me if you have any more questions because I can relate to you in everyway..

    Blessings my fellow light worker! :cool:
  7. Snyder45

    Snyder45 Smoking Gun

    I thought you were talking about the book, Numbers.

    (Anybody read that old stuff anymore?)

    111... could be trinity... father, son, holy ghost...

    1... God is one...

    2... I don't know, God the Father, God the Son, two witnesses... Christmas and Easter.

    Every day is holy, every number, every alphabet, heck, what isn't made by God and is a part of God.

    Granted, some things should be treated with more importance/sacredness then others -- obviously.

    You don't want to treat a knife like a hammer... or your mother's ashes like a pile of cigarette dirt...

    I would look beyond just such things... like a countdown... for bigger, better miracles/signs/symbols... all around you.

    You might be surprised at all of the signs and symbols at work at there... all of the "coincidences"...

    Improbable coincidences in a move are plot holes. They reveal the hand of the screenwriter and crew. In life... a world created around probabilities in a sense (chance happens to all)... you have many times where, gee whiz, there are those improbable coincidences... revealing the Hand of God.

    What would be really cool is if a movie or book or such was written exploiting this facet of improbable coincidences in movies... to show the screenwriter... and show another story entirely. Actually, I can think of at least two good movies that did that (one with the guy from Next, forget his name, think movie had name of flower or something, he played a screenwriter/or author)... another was about being john... forget his last name, famous actor.
  8. Rebel777

    Rebel777 New Member

    I always see 111 or 1111. I think its a warning from angels using digital technology. there saying...He's coming soon ...real soon, dont miss the boat.
  9. heron

    heron Legend

    In Relationship
    I think its a warning from angels, using digital technology.
    I think its a warning, from angels using digital technology.

    They should offer classes on their expertise. (-; Sorry. Welcome to the forum! It seems like you were here longer than 10 posts and two days.

    The common element in these, is the repetition of one number. It might not be the number itself, although 111 seems to have hit several people. The significance might be in the repetition.

    We all remember -- before 9-11, thousands of people had dreams similar to two towers. I know of about ten friends who did, some who were not believers in communications from God, or paying attention to dreams. Someone just told me about theirs last week.

    But then, some of you are saying you've always had this, so maybe it is not a message about the same thing.
  10. Nobody1

    Nobody1 Member

    There's a flood coming. And it is a division happening, like with Babel. But, there is also a promise about the flood and the waters.
  11. Child of JC

    Child of JC Created to Love, and be Loved

    I've noticed this happening to me starting this year (January). It was so noticable that I started writing down other places besides clocks where the numbers started popping up.
    111- Nutrition and Prayer
    222- (I have some things down but nothing really confirming)
    333- (same as above)
    444- ODIN. It's a greek word for Birth Pains. Some bible translations translate it "sorrows" or "sufferings", but the correct visual is Birth Pains because ODIN directs our vision beyond the travail or temporary affliction to something ahead much greater and grander.
    - four in the furnace.
    555- grace. This I didnt look for further confirmations. WHen I first saw it on the clock I knew the message was "grace".
    9- of course not a clock thing, but the prophets have associated the number (this year) with the 9 fruits and the 9 gifts.
  12. Child of JC

    Child of JC Created to Love, and be Loved

    I have also been sensitive to the (prophetic look at the Noah Story). Been waiting patiently for the revelation of the "promise" (rainbow). I'm attending "the Promise Gathering" in Ottawa Canada in July. I feel that the Lord has specifically called me to it. I've been to many conferences, but this is the first that God has said "Come! I'm calling you to this." I'm really excited and really dont know what to expect.
  13. Nobody1

    Nobody1 Member

    You know, don't know what to expect, as the Lord Jesus told us... we can not change the color of our hair white or black (youthful or old)... so how can we possibly know what tomorrow brings?

    That takes away all of the suspense and mystery of what tomorrow is to bring.

    And that suspense and mystery is great to build up.

    No one wants to know the ending of a book or a movie before they have finished the middle. That just ruins it for them.

    May your days grow in excitement just like that as you grow closer and close to our Heavenly Father.
  14. AmeriLovesJesus


    I have been seeing 11:11 alot lately... when I was 20 & just began a closer relationship with God ... I saw it all of the time.. I read up on it.. but have only now found out that 11:11 ... is suppose to be a sign from God that you are on the right path.... whether it really means it or not.. Now when I see it since Ive come out of a bad period in my life... I feel okay & assured God is with me on this new path Im taking.. & it assures me Im not alone (when I feel really bad)..... besides that though hes also sending me other signs of encouragement.. every now & then...
  15. Nobody1

    Nobody1 Member

    God is One.

    No one is forsaken.
  16. Stephanie in TN

    Stephanie in TN Newbie

    The Lord is pursuing you! :) What day were you born? If your birthday is not a double digit, then is the year? There is a connection here between you and the double digit.

    I would also say the LORD is confirming to you that you will receive a double portion. Your life will be full of 'doubles' of good things. You will receive a double inheritance. I would not be surprised if you had twins either already or in the future.

    Also, start looking up verses that correspond to the numbers you see most often. You will find a common theme. This is a key to what God has for you...a direction he wants to take you. Now, obvioulsy every verse you look up won't fit, but you should start to see a recurring theme. Look up 11:11 in every book of the Bible and 22:22, etc... start with the number you most of the time. It's fun and it will surprise you!

    This is just MHO, of course, but I've experienced something similiar as well. Ask the LORD to give you a particular verse that He really wants you to kinda hang this on. Then, when you see that number when you're out in your day to day life, you will know that the LORD is saying, "Remember that verse? Now is the time to put it into action."

    Just some thoughts,
    Stephanie :)
  17. gainesvilledave

    gainesvilledave Newbie

    I'm new here. Found this site googling trying to figure out what is happening.

    Similar thing has happened to me, but regarding the clock only. Last night, I feel asleep on the sofa and woke up at 11:11pm. Went to bed and work up at 1:11am, 2:22am, 3:33am, 4:44am, 5:55am, and 6:57am.

    In God We Trust! Not sure what to think, but am praying and asking for answers.

  18. GaryP

    GaryP Newbie

    Calvary Chapel
    I would stay away from numbers, You are just pratcing numerology, which is a dark art.
    numbers are important in astrology and new age thouight. By praticing gazing
    into numbers, to explain life or peer into the future is not to focus on the Father in Heaven
    or the Word, Jesus.
    So a electronil clock made by creation ie man. can speak to you and
    give you signs from god or angels and that you even look to this communition.
    How funny it was that no one called 9-11 before it happened with the time and date
    Yet thousands now claim after the fact. It did not take rocket science to figure that
    an attack would happen on the Trade Center as it was attacked years before.

    So bottom line, I wonder who would want Christians to look toward and follow numbers, 1 guess.
  19. gainesvilledave

    gainesvilledave Newbie

    Thanks for your post. Have given a lot of prayer and thought regarding this. It's not that I'm looking for numbers for answers. It's the fact that it happened. It happened again last night. I'm not looking for astrology or new age stuff. I'm looking for Christ to show me why I'm waking up the same time. I don't think the clock is speaking to me. If something like this was happening to you, you might not come across so pompus as Christians tend to do sometimes. I know. I am one. :) Have been born again since March 24, 1984. I'm in the Word daily. If you don't think I'm focused on my Father in Heaven then you are very mistaken.

  20. _Sonnie

    _Sonnie Guest

    I'm so glad I found this thread. I've been seeing all these, with the addition of 747, not just on the clock, but in weird places. It's been happening for several years now.

    Hopefully more will have some insight.