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Novena Prayers in Honor of Saint John Neumann

Discussion in 'One Bread, One Body - Catholic' started by Franknj, Apr 17, 2004.

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  1. Franknj

    Franknj Member

    Novena Prayers in Honor of Saint John Neumann

    Saint John Neumann, acknowledging out dependence on almighty God and recognizing the power of your intercession, we come to you because many have been answered through your intercession. You were an inspiration to all who knew you. You went whereever the care of souls required your presence. You were obedient to God and man. You were always and example of charity and sacrifice. It was your life of virtue which merited a place in heaven. As we submit to the will of God our Father in heaven, we pray that our petitions be granted for His honor and glory and for the salvation of souls.

    Saint John Neumann, pray for us.

    Saint John Neumann, manifest yourself to all who seek your help. Teach us to prefer God in everything we do. Protect us from spiritual and temporal harm. Alleviate sufferings of the poor, the aged and the infirm. Make us realize the importance of truth, humility and patience. Many times you experienced the sorrows of life, and yet you overcame those trials. Show us how to overcome our anxieties and tribulations. We want to grow in faith, hope and love. Never let us forget that we are temples of the Holy Spirit. May we always be worthy of that honor.

    Saint John Neumann, intercede for us.

    Saint John Neumann, you had great devotion to Eucharistic Lord. Pray that we may know and love the Eucharist as you did. Give strength and courage to the Vicar of Christ. Protect our bishops, priests and religious. May all peoples be zealous for the kingdom of God. Enlighten the minds of people who seek truth. Lead them to the path of justice. How good it is to know that you will never forget our families, relatives and friends. Protect our loved ones away from home. May your prayers comfort the souls of our departed brethren. Saint John Neumann, pray that we may may live and die in the state of grace.

    Look upon us with favor, Saint John Neumann, we claim you as our very own. You are familiar with places where we live, work and pray. As a priest you lived here among our forefathers. You taught them. You blessed them. You prayed for them. How often they gathered to pray with you. You did this so that they might enjoy the glories of heaven. Just as our predecessors came to you, so now we come to you. We are confident you will not disappoint us. Pray for our intentions.

    (Pause and reflect upon your intentions.)

    Whatever God grants through your intercession, we accept with a deep sense of gratitude. We thank Him, we praise Him. We want to be with Him forever.

    The Lord be with you. And also with you.

    Let us pray:

    Almighty God, you placed the holy confessor, Saint John Neumann, among the elect of your sanctuary. May his life be an inspiration to all who seek eternal glory. May our prayers be answered through his intercession. May they be answered not only through his intercession, but most especially through the merits of Jesus Christ. Who lives forever and ever. Amen.

    Prayers for Saint John Neumann Intercession

    O my God, I adore your infinite Majesty, with all the powers of my soul. I thank you for the graces and gifts which You bestowed upon your faithful servant, Saint John Neumann, I ask you to glorify him also on earth. For this end I beseech you to grant me the favor which I humbly ask from Your Fatherly mercy. Amen.

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