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Nothing Can stop Gods plans for your life

Discussion in 'Singles (Only*)' started by songz777, May 27, 2010.

  1. songz777

    songz777 Spouse first strengthens your marriage

    Acts 5:19 "During the night an angel opended the door.."

    Peter & John were encouraged by the work for God when suddenly all their hopes and dreams are shattered and they are put into prison.

    But God had a plan and nothing could stop that plan so He sends an angel to open the door and lets them out to carry on where they left off.

    Do you feel that things seemed to being happening for good in your life and then pow suddenly it is stopped?
    May be a friendship seemed to be growing then suddenly it seemeds to be taken away by the enemy!

    Listen I read this today and thought yes God is in control... the enemy tries to spoil our hopes and dreams but NOTHING can stop Gods good plans for our lives, and if things seemed to have suddenly ended God will restore it and put you back where He wants you to be and the blessings that were being opend up for you!!
  2. Riot Riot Riot

    Riot Riot Riot Guest

  3. LoveJC9

    LoveJC9 Well-Known Member

    I think God has two wills for our lives. His perfect will that is what he plans if we are doing what we are supposed to be doing when we are supposed to be doing it and his permissive will, something that he will allow to happen even though it isn't what he had for us. Like when we are determined to make things happen and not wait on him.

    So I guess what I am saying is that we can stop Gods perfect will for our lives or at least postpone it.
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  4. ampbelle3130

    ampbelle3130 i melt in Your peace - it's overwhelming.

    :amen: thank you for another encouraging post brother! : )
  5. lostaquarium

    lostaquarium Quite flawed

    Gosh. I really should remember this more often. Thank you :hug:
  6. Balugon

    Balugon o( ' . ' )o

    Actually things can stop God's plans for our lives. We can stop God's plans for our lives by purposely choosing to sin. Other people can also hinder God's plans for our lives by them choosing to sin against us when they shouldn't have. God didn't desire Abel to be murdered, and that put a pretty quick end to the plans God wanted to do with his life. This existence is a system of relationships, and while God is a part of that system and can cause victories where other people and demons would try to defeat Him, God also allows free will in the relationships to some extent, which means bad things can happen as well. It's kind of like a marriage, it takes both parties to make it work right, and we are the bride of Christ. But, if God has already chosen to make something happen because he has chosen to put his foot down on an issue, then nobody can indeed stop it.
  7. Oddish

    Oddish May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD.

    Thanks for the reminder, John :). God Bless!
  8. songz777

    songz777 Spouse first strengthens your marriage

    I need reminding to lol ... and to practise what I preach :)
  9. BRISH

    BRISH Loved

    Maybe we can hinder our own purpose, but it cant hurt to know that his gifts are irrevocable. His gifts tie into His plans for us. If God would turn HIS OWN sacrificial law against himself/his son when he didnt have to, but did so to be consistant and show us what love is....? I think I'll continue to stand pretty firm that if He says he knows my name, and knew all my secret inward parts before I was even born, and that he has a plan for me...then yeah,

    I'll say his plans are never void. The choice is if you want to be a part of it or if you want to watch someone else fulfill your ultimate joy.

    Praise God

    Thank you John
  10. Revived

    Revived Fighting the good fight of faith.

    United States
    When is this train leaving and where do I buy a ticket? :D
  11. peacechild4

    peacechild4 My ♥ is hidden in GOD~ want to find me ~ find GOD

    Word of Faith
    Amen... what satan uses to harm us.. GOD uses to save lives..