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Not getting along well with someone

Discussion in 'Young Adults' started by DiscipleEthan, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. DiscipleEthan

    DiscipleEthan Newbie

    I have been at my wit's end with somebody. He is a Christian but I find him judgmental and radical. Today when I mentioned Harvest Crusade and Greg Laurie, he went on and on about how he was antagonized by Calvary chapel pastors. But I think that is judging an entire denomination based on the actions of a few pastors. Some Calvary pastors are great faith filled people who preach the gospel truth. and not all Calvary chapel people are bad. he also does the same with Rick Warren and his followers ever since he felt hurt by a college group. But I have nothing against Rick Warren. Furthermore, he is dogmatic over his view on eschatology. He is post trib and likes to frown upon pre tribbers and I personally don't think we should divide the church over the timing of the rapture. And on entertainment matters, he claims to hate anything with magic and anything with monsters. yet he said he is a Godzilla fan and enjoys certain fantasies with magic anyway, such as Eragon. and even Narnia and Lord of the Rings fall in that category. I feel like the opposite of him. Everything I like is something he hates. it's hard for me to be honest with him because he just can't agree to disagree. So what am I going to do?
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  2. PrettyChillAtheist

    PrettyChillAtheist New Member

    In Relationship
    Why do you need to get along with this person?

    He sounds like a jerk, and if someone was that outright hypocritical I wouldn't even want to associate with them.
  3. ClarinetScore

    ClarinetScore New Member

    The Bible teaches us that we believe the best of every person in 1 Cor. 13. We don't allow sin against us to produce sin in us, meaning we just treat them politely and respectfully. Biblically speaking, however, we're to distance ourselves from people who continually cause us to sin or disregard our boundaries (Matthew 18:15+). Matt. 18 teaches to speak with them first about the problem, especially if you value the relationship, politely and as led by the Holy Spirit. If they still don't change, we limit our contact with them. Pr. 4 tells us to guard our hearts. Anyway, you sound a bit upset. I can tell you I know how you feel and have such a person in my life also who's blind to his own fault but open to everyone else's. 1 John shows us that this is because they're simply not in close fellowship with God. For someone like me too, I guess we have to cut them some slack since they don't know what they're doing. Thank God for His mercy when we miss it, huh?
  4. Rasnosauj

    Rasnosauj Active Member

    Hey, maybe he just wants to argue. We all know what the Bible says about that, it says not to. If you hate on Rick Warren, you sound like a stupid person. Yeah, Lawdamercy!