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Not a dream but during quite time with God

Discussion in 'Christian Advice' started by E.Lingard, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. E.Lingard

    E.Lingard New Member

    United States
    In Relationship
    This is during my time alone with God. So I start off by calming myself but my usual path is interrupted by me being taken back during the summer time when my husband and I, went to Cali and took surfing lessons. I was placed at a very specific time when I was on the surf board and it was the ONLY wave I caught and rode until the end, where I jumped into the water because the wave was over. During that ride, I was so at peace. Present day, during alone time with the Lord, I could feel that calm all over again will meditating. Not yoga stuff but just sitting still and clearing my mind. Listening for him. It was so clear and as if I were there but the atmosphere around me was muted and I felt so close to God in a way. Within a blink of an eye, I was standing in some where at the bottom of the sea but the bottom was nothing but sand. No drop off, cliffs or rocks at all. It was like the beach but wet. The sea parted in front of me. I believe I was dry the whole time. I never walked but just stood there as the rest of the sea parted (curved out of the way) and created a path that kept going. The walls of water were HIGH but I could still see the sky. The walls of water were moving in place. I never went forward. It was weird because I was slowly pulled out of that calm and I opened my eyes and felt as if I "came back" from some where.
    What in the world could this mean. I've had some major changes in my life and they have been so great. I'm closer to the Lord than I have ever been in my 38 years of life. My husband and I are growing spiritually and it feels so good. I'm also new to meditation. I am still learning about it because I don't want to get any where close to some of the other forms of meditation hat I see. To each it's own but I'd rather still with silence and calm with the Lord. I would love some help with this. Thank You!!
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  2. W2L

    W2L Well-Known Member

    I like to meditate on Gods peace. I do empty my mind of things that would trouble me, and i choose to think of peace instead. The bible says to dwell on good and lovely things, things that are true and praiseworthy.
  3. Loyce KG

    Loyce KG "Put on Christ and make no room for the flesh"

    Sounds like the story of the Israelites crossingthe Red Sea which was a story of deliverance. Continue to seek the Lord for interpretation the dream.