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Non-Pauline Christians

Discussion in 'Controversial Christian Theology' started by Joseph474, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. All Souls

    All Souls Guest

    Ok, I think you have some wires crossed. The Bible you're reading in Aramaic (or an English translation from Aramaic) is an Aramaic translation of Greek MSS. So you're not reading a better MSS at all!

    In reality you are reading:

    Greek MSS ---> Aramaic translation --->English translation​

    Whereas I am reading:

    Greek MSS ---> English translation​

    I am also unsure where you're getting your information from, Greek was known in Palestine! See this which concludes:

  2. wintermile

    wintermile Bioconservative

    To add to post 200, the Persecuted Church also offers validity to Apostle Paul's teachings.

    A persecuted believer is familiar with Apostle Paul's teachings, knowing what occurs when persecutors are "sold into slavery under sin."

    And when the persecutor was/is someone like Paul, Ted Grimsrud communicates exactly what occurs in his work God's Saving Justice: Paul and Salvation. Quoted material under Grimsrud's caption Idolatry II: Works of the Law is exactly what many persecuted believers are familiar with-- their brother Apostle Paul's testimony.

    Persecuted believers will nod their heads yes at each careful point in Grimsrud's studious work.

    10. God’s Saving Justice: Paul and Salvation | Peace Theology
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2014