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New to this OCD thing... :)

Discussion in 'Obsessive Compulsive Disorder' started by Nanee5, Jan 1, 2008.

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  1. Nanee5

    Nanee5 Master of all I survey

    Hi all! I just wanted to touch base with you guys, hoping you might help me help my daughter(s). We have just come to the realization this past week that they both have OCD. The oldest is the one with the major problems right now though. (We are going to see a counseler here in the next week or so). I think they both have a mild form of the disorder (meaning, they both do compultions, but not that it takes up alot of time thru the day, or to get rid of obsessions. It just feels "right" for them to do things certain ways, making sure everything is "straight" and aligned or ordered, etc. But they don't have to repeat them, and alot of times, we laugh about them, because they are kinda funny. (Like, washing their hands after putting a clean trashbag in the can, even though the bag is clean, etc). Anyway, the older girl (she is 16) has been having an obsession cycle lately where she can't get the images of certain things out of her head she was scared of as a little girl (ok.. they are gonna sound stupid, but the main one is "Where's Waldo") She knows its not real, but it literally terrifies her. She can't even see the name without freaking out. It has always popped up sporadically, but for about a month now it has been every day just about. We are working now as much as we can by ourselves and the little we know about this disorder. Does this sound pretty typical to you guys? Any and all responses are muchly welcome. Thanks guys!
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  2. Jayangel81

    Jayangel81 Child of the Most High Supporter

    i dont really have much as for advice but it can certainly be a possibiblity, i would keep a close eye on them,

    in my personal experiance i started obsessing over very small things, than years later it totally blew up, cant say that will actually happen, i pray it dont as this illness straight out stinks :cry:

    I think its great you laugh about them, make sure the girls start the laughing first, i say this because us OCDers can get very sensitive, when we get spikes we dont see much humor im afraid. See what the docter says, and if you have youre doubts about him dont be afraid to seek another.

    Youre in my prayers!:groupray:

    brother in Christ
  3. Nanee5

    Nanee5 Master of all I survey

    Thanks! Yeah, I definately don't think that it's a laughing matter in no means, when the monster rears it's head. But, when we do laugh about the compultions, it is usually started by them (the girls), either comparing notes and saying, "Hey, I do that too!" Or just picking on each other about it.

    Hopefully we'll be able to start seeing the counselor this week or so. But we have been using the few self help techniques that we have found, when she starts to have an obsessive moment. And I have told her, above all else, God's word is STILL in effect, and He says "Do not fear, for I am with you." I know it don't feel like it to her when she is in the throws of a flare up, but thank God we don't need to go on our feelings. Looking forward to more responses!! Blessings!
  4. QUannie

    QUannie Regular Member

    I am sorry for what your girls are going through. It is good that you will be seeing a councelor soon!
    Some of it does sound very familiar with OCD, but only a prof. can diagnose.
    One piece of advice that I would give you is to make sure that your girls understand and focus on God's love and Grace is undesearved and freely given to us!!! There is nothing they can do to earn it, He is amazing and wonderful!!!!
    I prayed for you!!!
    In Christ,
  5. Nanee5

    Nanee5 Master of all I survey

    Thank you so much Quannie. Today has been a very bad day so far... about 2 hours spent so far crying and obsessing ... But God is faithful! I'm glad I have a place to come and talk about it, and in time, I'm sure she'll venture in this thread herself.
  6. Jacob4Jesus

    Jacob4Jesus Dork For Jesus and Proud of It

    I hope all will be okay when you see the counselor. It sounds more like Obessive Compulsive Personality Disorder, than OCD and I pray for you that it is. OCPD is generally a LOT easier to deal with than OCD, because it generally only involves compulsions, not obsessions and is even listed as an axis 2 disorder. I'm not a therapist yet... moving my way in that direction... so this is just my first impression. I hope for them this is the case, because it can make things a lot easier on them :)
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