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Never going to get married!

Discussion in 'MILLENNIALS (1981 to 1998)' started by historyincognito, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. ReflectionsByTheWater

    ReflectionsByTheWater New Member

    United States
    To each his own. But there is some deep beauty in each and everyone of us that goes far beyond the flesh. You are excluding yourself, in part, from life and God's wonderful creation. He came so You could have life and have it to the full!
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  2. BrAndreyu

    BrAndreyu Well-Known Member

    United States
    Ukr. Grk. Catholic
    Right there with you. I want nothing that marriage has to offer in a world wherein 60% of marriages fall apart within 5 years. I do not want children in a world like this one either, I cannot imagine how horrible it has to be to be a child in America in the year 2021. I mourn for all of the children out there who are having to deal with our fundamentally diseased society.
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  3. Just A Disciple

    Just A Disciple New Member

    United States
    Choosing a life of celibacy is not a bad thing. The Apostle Paul was celibate. I wish you the best.
  4. Sunshinee777

    Sunshinee777 Well-Known Member Supporter

    So you think you can’t find someone who lives for the Lord as you do? Bible says man is blessed if he has a wife. Sounds more to me that you just haven’t found the right person.

    I AM CONTENT New Member

    United States
    By the way I know the op very well. As of today, historyincognito is in his early 40's and still living this vow he made back in June 2017.
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