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"Neediness" has started to lose its grip, on me: praise Jesus!

Discussion in 'Testimonies' started by Gottservant, Oct 23, 2021.

  1. Gottservant

    Gottservant God loves your words, may men love them also Supporter

    Hi there,

    So yes, just praise for Jesus, that my neediness is dying. Frequently I would deal with paranoia, by bottling up my emotion and becoming more "needy" - seeking spiritual justification, from a difference of perspective, between me and the world. What I have noticed, though, is that that "neediness" has started to lose its grip - I have started to be satisfied with the will of God, not dissatisfied. I used to leave it up to God, to decide why I am dissatisfied and then rule Him out of my affairs, but gradually I have started to include Him and He has rewarded my inclusion, with less tension about what I stand for. I have started to understand that it is my duty to stand with and defend God, from the culture of this world.

    It helps me be encouraged to embrace the Law, and the Prophets (moreso the Prophets, since the faith is still weak and the prophets afford the believer more time to consider his ways, whether they are in God or not). I am thinking of scripture more easily and I am starting to trust the thoughts of Jesus. Maturation in the Spirit is a real process and it definitely happens in stages - I just wonder where it will take me next. I have praise for God, which is a power in and of itself - but I doubt the Devil will leave me alone on that point, for very long! Most of all, I want to please God, not just as a test of strength, but because He is truly, deeply for me.

    If you have been tense or emotionally bound, it can be hard to believe that the faith will ever be for you - I get that - but have hope, the God of the Universe feels more for you, than all the spirits of all time can ever hope to be subjugated in, even those that wait to be created, wait for God to love His own, that they may see the works by which they can be saved, before time is up. God creates. There is nothing He will refuse, to take inspiration from, to work the work of joy, that He longs to create in you. Don't hang on, to distant fear, the Lord is near to you - He will protect you, whatever is coming. There is flesh that lives and flesh that dies, and all are in the hand of God.

    You are no longer the enemy! God trusts you! You have the hope of His Spirit and His Time - all these things will come together for you - in His Express Will that you be celebrated for having praises for Him, working for Him to bring about the praise of His Works, before your own, that you may be praised together. This is the coming together of the Great Rapture, which transcends the way and truth and life of these times, and brings together all who will trust His Name as they did almost from before the beginning of time. God will reach you, everything you have in Him will take you beyond this world, if you will trust Him in it - trusting His works before your own.

    I hope this has been of some comfort.
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  2. GospelS

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  3. valerina

    valerina From Europe to the United States

    United States

    Beautiful words that are sure to inspire faith from his most devoted!