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Discussion in 'Technology' started by StillBelieve, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. StillBelieve

    StillBelieve Newbie

    Hello to All;

    I searched and found this forum, and I am praying that God will send me someone that can help me with my extreme issue. My soon-to-be ex has been cyber and phone stalking me for years now. I don't know exactly when he started, but we've been together for 14 & 1/2 yrs, and my phone started being tapped right around the time we started being together. Now of course that looks pretty obvious but there was another stalker at work that literally bragged about doing that, and he was angry that I told him no many times, but then ended up with my husband. He had hacked in, and recorded things, and I fully believe edited some, and sent the recordings to our supervisors in an attempt to cost us our jobs. He succeeded. My ex lost his job, and I quit before he could get me fired. He followed me to two other jobs, and I had to quit those jobs also, becuz he ruined it for me there too. I can't even think of going to a church or somewhere like that with my vehicle, and never with the hacked phone. I can't even have anyone inside my home talking, becuz of the fear that they too will be sent the recordings if the "listener" hears and figures out who they are and somehow gets their number or address. I have to even be careful what I say out loud to myself!
    I don't even want to speak out loud in my house anymore. My ex is out of my house now, & he has NO RIGHT knowing what I say, or hearing ANYTHING AT ALL WHATSOEVER!
    Unfortunately, he is an extreme narcissist/sociopath (like the co-worker) and has done the exact same thing to me. Thats where he got the idea from!! All the people that I have talked to or know about (that my ex knows that I have associated with them), all those people have been turned against me. Even when we didn't have our phones with us, and never said those peoples names around the phones or in the house just to be safe. They all act like they got the recordings or something else?
    Seems like "Someone" sent recordings or something to just about every person that I know, and even people that I DON'T know, and who DON'T KNOW ME FROM ADAM! But of course, my EX knows them! I've seen them when I was WITH my ex, they acted really weird as if they were all in on some "secret" or something, and would talk in very low whispers with him, and then if I walked up they would all just stop talking. The looks were always the same. They all acted as if they just didn't like me, but they don't know me, and Ive never done anything to any of them! I don't even know them!
    Many of them that I've confronted about it won't admit it, but they sort of beat around the bush on it, and say enough to make it more than obvious. Or they 'do things' to make it obvious, like my one neighbor being turned against me all of a sudden acting like he's "watching me", noticing when I leave and when I return, and just genuinely not being nice and/or neighborly at all. Im weary of that guys' looks.
    "Someone" turned all of my family, his family and neighbors against me, even business owners/employees of places we have gone to in town here. Needless to say, no one has anything to do with me anymore. And you can bet I don't try to contact any of them, and I don't go to those businesses either. But to do this same evil even with our mechanic, knowing full well there's no one else around that I can afford, is pretty stinking low.
    My question is: How in the world do I get "proof" of what I'm pretty sure is going on? It seems as if he's even known where I've been by watching the gps on my phone. But even if I leave my phone at the house, he STILL knows where my car is at! There also seems to be something in the house somehow monitoring me and maybe recording things and sending it to other people. How in the world could several other people just "know" what goes on in my own house, and what I say when NO ONE ELSE IS IN MY HOUSE!???????? This has been going on for years now, even since I busted him out for messing around big time! And especially when I busted him out for his homosexual affair with his boss! He didn't like my opinion and what I said about it. That goes without saying. The only way I know how to get "evidence" would be to actually have to hack HIS phone and record what he says, and observe it actually watching MY phone and also seeing his msgs to everyone else saying all the lies about me. How else would I ever get the proof? But alas, I have no idea how he's doing it. I know there's "services" online that look like they do that, but when I emailed them asking about stuff, I never even got a reply from most of them, or if they answered my questions about my phone, their so-called "service" seemed sketchy, like maybe it was just a scam, and if you give them the money, you have no idea if it would even work or not, and if it didn't, you won't get your money back. And from what I've read online, most of them are scams! I was just trying to find out if the phone I was using could be hacked. I hate to even get into this stuff. It STINKS!
    So how in the world do I get proof of this type of crime being committed against me for so long now?
    Any ideas and/or suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated.
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2014
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