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My take on the Star Wars Prequels being warped by Rebel propaganda

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by eclipsenow, Jul 14, 2020.

  1. eclipsenow

    eclipsenow God cares about his creation as well as us.

    It's my opinion that the Prequels have been heavily edited by Rebel propaganda to make Darth Vader's childhood look really silly. Jar Jar was actually Char Char - an amphibious warrior with gnarly frog legs that could ninja-jump into battle. Rather than being a giant reptilian rabbit with huge ears, he of course had tiny ears that closed over when underwater - much like today's frogs. The big ears are just propaganda. Rather than being banished for being 'clumsy', he was an uncontrollable beserker! As an amphibian he had various glands that would operate in sync with his adrenaline system. At the first sign of trouble they super-oxygenated his blood and stacked so much extra oxygen in that a decent bleed would smell like jet fuel. In battle his huge frog-like legs and super-oxy blood shot him straight at the enemy neck where he would chomp down with poisonous fangs. Banished for being clumsy? His whole species were why you don't go near the swamps of Naboo!
    If we ever uncover the raw unedited footage from the prequels, it would be rated MA15+. And just don't get me started on the line that Anakin made C3PO or knew R2D2 - they weren't even manufactured yet! Sadly, much of what QuiGon and Obiwan were doing with Char Char on Naboo will remain hidden in legend - as I heard the original footage was deleted. But maybe, just maybe someone will edit these 'prequels' and show us something closer to the truth. And it won't be a dumb space 'trade dispute with the Naboo system' and a giant rabbit-reptile - I can tell you that now!
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  2. thecolorsblend

    thecolorsblend If God is your Father, who is your Mother? Supporter

    United States
  3. Pavel Mosko

    Pavel Mosko Arch-Dude of the Apostolic Supporter

    United States
    Oriental Orthodox
    I've been watching Star Wars Fan You-tube V logger video the last year or two. First time, I've heard some of that stuff, it does make sense given some Fan theories especially the one that Jar Jar was a secret Sith Lord....

    But from what I heard Jar Jar later character was inspired by Walt Disney's, Goofy. The big ears especially.

    But I can see why the Sith theory came about. People were reading a lot into Jar Jar's large leaps etc. because that is a Jedi power, but quite often in fiction especially TV and movies, characters get changed as far as appearance and identity, but what they can do in the script stays functionally unchanged even if it doesn't make sense, strains credibility, or gives other intended messages like a character is a Sith Lord.

  4. Lycurgus89

    Lycurgus89 Mel Gibson's biggest fan

    United States
    Other Religion
    Empire Strikes Back > Star Wars >>>>> Prequel Trilogy >>>>> The Farce Awakens >>>>>>> everything else