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My Review of 25 Christian Job Sites

Discussion in 'Business, Administration & Management' started by ServantOfYeshua, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. ServantOfYeshua

    ServantOfYeshua Member

    Hello everyone! These are rough economic times. In my job search I have compiled a list of the major Christian job sites along with some information about them, and thought it would be a useful resource to share with my fellow Christians here. I hope it saves you some time and helps you or your friends in searching for employment opportunities.

    In alphabetical order...

    AllChristianJobs.com. Essentially, they're a Christian career job site with the added benefit of a global freelance marketplace they've recently added. They seem to have a great idea here with free job postings & freelance project postings for employers, and free resume uploads for job seekers, with paid upgrades to feature any of those for reasonable prices. Easy to navigate site design, and several new postings per day.

    Careers In The US Navy: Clergy. Members of the Chaplain Corps provide moral support for young people away from home for the first time, lend advice to individuals facing personal or emotional difficulties, and provide spiritual assistance to people from all walks of life. Sounds like it could be a great experience if you're feeling called to get away from the usual routine.

    Christian Career Center. The mission at the "Christian Career Center" is to help Christians integrate their faith with career/life planning and find work that fits their God-given design. They have created their site to be a “one-stop” career center, a resource to help you reach your career potential. A great site if you're looking for career testing and coaching services.

    ChristianCareersCanada.com. Career listings for ministry positions as well as careers from a wide range of industries, mostly in Canada. This site is a service of Tyndale University College & Seminary, so it is more suited to recent college or seminary graduates. Job posting and resume posting is free.

    ChristianEmployment.com. This site seems a bit outdated in its format, and there really are not that many job posting, but you might find their Resource Center and Articles interesting/helpful.

    ChristianJobFair.com. A division of the ChristianCareerCenter.com, appears to be a newer, but well-designed site. Says "hundreds" of job openings but they're not quite there yet, more like scores or tens, but you never know... you might find a good match.

    Christian Jobs Australia. This site brings together jobseekers and employers by utilising not only their website, but also the national network of Christian Churches from all denominations throughout Australia. Makes for pretty much the online destination when it comes to searching for jobs based in Australia.

    ChristianJobs.com. This is pretty much the dominator in the field, run by giant Salem Communications. Pros: huge job listing database, a lot of resources. Cons: your resume is likely to get lost in a sea of resumes, the site really has too much going on for its own good, tons of ads, etc... they should streamline it.

    Christianet.com. This site is pretty much the Craigslist of Christian job search: no frills and a little clumsy to navigate. Old-school but you'll definitely find some good possibilities here, as there are a lot of listings that seem to be somewhat fresh, 2 or 3 new postings per day.

    Christian Nanny For all you ladies out there with nurturing hearts and a love of children, this looks to be a great resource for you. Prospective nannies can apply free.

    Christian Personnel Placements (CPP). If you're looking for employment with a Christian employer or ministry in Canada, this site might make for a good reference point. A really well designed site with a lot of resources, but unfortunately most of the job postings appear to be out of date.

    ChristianSchoolEmployment.com. This site provides job search tools for those seeking employment in Christian K-12 Schools. They use a kind of webcrawler approach by searching the web for relevant job postings and then compiling them on their site. Innovative site for those of you seeking employment in the Christian Education field.

    ChristianTeachingJobs.com. This site is definitely the top destination for Christian teaching, coaching and administrative jobs. I also found the number of international opportunities in their job listings pretty impressive.

    ChristianUniversityJobs.com. The purpose of this site is to provide targeted job search for those seeking employment in Christian Higher Education. This site is related to ChristianSchoolEmployment.com, but seems to have more active listings posted directly onto their site, in addition to the webcrawling feature of compiling results found on the web.

    ChurchEmployment.com. This site is very straightforward, and will definitely help you find some opportunities if you are looking for work specifically in US churches.

    ChurchJobs.net. Another good site if you are looking for opportunities specifically in US-based churches. I would say they are posting about 1 new job listing per day. Much like ChristianJobs.com, they have a little too much clutter on their site, but you will find some good listings once you figure your way around.

    ChurchStaffing.com. This is an incarnation of ChristianJobs.com. They are basically filtering all the church-based jobs posted on ChristianJobs.com into this site. There are some resources geared more toward church employment, but you might as well just use their main site.

    Compassion International. A great organization with a ton of opportunities. If I remember correctly, their recent annual report from last year stated donations over $350 million and salaries for their huge staff at about $18 million.

    Council for Christian Colleges & Universities. This is definitely the larger source of job postings for opportunities in Christian Higher Education, from executive to support positions. Clean site design and several new postings daily.

    JobSearch Monitor. If you are looking for work in the Christian, Charitable or Caring sectors in the UK, this is the place to start. Great website design, cuts through the clutter and helps you find relevant job postings quickly.

    Kingdom Careers. This job site focuses on six areas: church positions, Christian radio/television, Christian education, missions/parachurch, Christian retailer/supplier, and general marketplace. You'll find a good amount of postings here, after you cut through the rough and outdated site design. However it's kind of hard to tell when the jobs were posted, so I'm not sure how fresh the content is.

    MinistryEmployment.ca. Another decent Canadian Christian job site. They are related to ChristianUniversityJobs.com & ChristianSchoolEmployment.com but in this case, they are not using their webcrawling method- all the jobs seem to have been posted directly on the site, at a pace of about 3 or 4 per week.

    MinistryEmployment.com. Again, from the ChristianUniversityJobs.com & ChristianSchoolEmployment.com family of sites, this is a decent place to search for opportunities, about 10 new postings per week, but some of them you can tell are being pulled in from their other sites. Straightforward design helps you find what you're looking for quickly.

    MinistrySearch. Wow this is a really clunky site but once you fumble your way through, you will a good number of relatively recent postings. I think the fact that the site has been around for 10 years has helped them maintain an OK supply of job postings, about 4 to 5 per week.

    Youth Specialties. If you're looking for work in the field of youth ministry, whether that be at churches or other youth ministry related jobs like summer camps, this is pretty much THE destination. You'll find 5-10 new postings per day, from various denominations.

    Help build this list by adding more to the thread. Or, comment on ones you've tried and share with everyone your experience with them. Let's all help each other build a great resource in this thread during these tough economic times.
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