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Mustatils, the OT and the Koran

Discussion in 'History & Genealogy' started by Quid est Veritas?, May 7, 2021.

  1. Quid est Veritas?

    Quid est Veritas? In Memoriam to CS Lewis

    Recently they have been publishing on the new found significance of the Mustatil structures of North-West Arabia. While not newly discovered, we have suddenly realised they are complex cultic sites with a pedigree going back to 4000 BC - when it was semi-Savannah, as in the Holocene Climactic Optimum large areas of the Sahara and Arabia watered. It seems they date from when this area began desertifying or just prior, making them some of the oldest monumental architecture known.

    More interesting to me, is that the altars seem to be made of unhewn stones! The 'head' of the mustatils, large platforms at one end, invariably are built in this manner. This reminds me of the OT injunction to build altars to God in this way, and the frequent sacrifice of cattle seem to have been practiced.

    My second thought went to the Koranic legends of Madyan, which could be said to be in sort-of this area. This is often rendered Midian, but sometimes also People of the Wood. Where are woods in Arabia today? Meanwhile back then, the Socotran biome extended all the way up. Or the story of 'Ad with its large high strongholds - both thrown down by not listening to prophets. Could this inform these legends, perhaps?

    Interesting developments.
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  2. Norbert L

    Norbert L Well-Known Member Supporter

    Christian Seeker
    I'm not familiar with that injunction. Where would I find it written?
  3. Quid est Veritas?

    Quid est Veritas? In Memoriam to CS Lewis

    Exodus 20:25
    Deuteronomy 27:5-6

    The fact of not bearing tools also reminds of the Flamen Dialis, the high priest of Jove at Rome - which Varro had equated to the Highest God, the Summus Deus. This entirety has a flair of ur-monotheism.
    Last edited: May 7, 2021