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Must a nation first become secular in order to become a democracy?

Discussion in 'The Kitchen Sink' started by mathinspiration, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. mathinspiration

    mathinspiration Active Member

    United States
    Is that one of the way to do so?
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  2. myst33

    myst33 Well-Known Member

    Czech Republic
    I have never thought about this, but historically, its quite true. Religion leads to monarchy, mostly.

    The concept of separating state and religion is a secular concept.

    But, we can benefit from many wrong ideas, God can use every process in the universe for his goals of peace, love and knowledge of Him. Democracy seems to be, so far, the best system for normal people, for their protection and good life. The problem is, that today's democracy is not very democratic. Various minorities get advantages majority disagrees with.

    Lets say that democracy, life, morality is best when the majority of people in the country are Christians :)
  3. devin553344

    devin553344 I believe in the Resurrection

    United States
    A government is very similar to a religion as Moses showed. So it cannot actually be secular. That would be hiding the truth of the religion it's pushing. Even removing God from a government still is pushing some religion of "no god" on it's people.

    I kind of explored this idea earlier. Governments decide what's right and wrong, good and evil, and impose such laws on its people. Which is the same as a religion, especially when examining the laws given to Moses from God.
  4. Petros2015

    Petros2015 Well-Known Member

    Eastern Orthodox
    If you had a nation of perfect individuals, any form of government would work, wouldn't it?
    the government is really on there to 1) keep them playing fairly and nicely with each other, 2) help coordinate projects and aid where it is needed, like infrastructure and 3) defend from other hostile governments.

    We wouldn't need a single jail or policeman if everyone policed themselves.