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Mueller says messaging apps likely destroyed Trump-Russia evidence

Discussion in 'American Politics' started by FreeinChrist, Apr 19, 2019.

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  1. Verv

    Verv Senior Veteran

    United States
    Eastern Orthodox
    In Relationship
    The report is so consequential that it is having little to no consequences other than rallying the Trump base which views it as clearing the President of wrongdoing.

    Rightfully so.

    Did he collude with Russia? Zero evidence.

    Did he conspire to steal the election? Zero evidence.

    Of course, Hillary Clinton destroyed loads of incriminating evidence and colluded with the media itself to get debate questions and to sink the Trump campaign, but these are not topics for the Left because no investigation was really ordered to be taken on this level.

    The fires he set.

    What fires? Give me the juiciest fire and let's see how much of an inferno it is.

    He was cooperative the whole time.

    Lots of words that amount to reconstructign reality around the lie that the President is guilty of something.

    But, you do not need to provide evidence -- you talked about how the wheels of justice are slow and it's such a grave matter so it's going to take time.

    But not even the loud mouthed Democrats who have been breathing fire on the topic for the last two years (like Pelosi) have really shown us they are going to do anything.

    I guess what everyone is hoping for more tens of millions of dollars of investigations to occur after the Presidency is over or during his second term to uncover whehter or not Pres. Trump was overly terse with Comey or Mueller on a phone call or whether or not he obstructed justice by not having his personal lawyer do an additional 30 hours of interviews.

    If he did actions that constituted obstruction of justice, did he obstruct justice? Or is there levels to this game, so to speak?

    From this conversation you really see how the law becomes esoteric really fast: when people do not want to concede to reality, they hide in the confusing artifices of language.
  2. Pommer

    Pommer Autodidact polymath

    United States
    In Relationship
    Oh, there’s plenty, (but probably “not enough”), “evidence”...you’ve read “The Mueller Report”, right?
  3. Verv

    Verv Senior Veteran

    United States
    Eastern Orthodox
    In Relationship
    No, I haven't.

    Have you?

    No one has provided any real content on it pointing to specific crimes , even concerning this secondary obstruction of justice banter.

    Would you like to join the long list of folks here who have not provided us any real evidence of crime?
  4. KCfromNC

    KCfromNC Regular Member

    Given the Mueller Report didn't discuss evidence of collusion, I have no idea where this is coming from. Citation?

    How about 180+ pages of them : Redacted Mueller Report - Volume II

    Citation needed.
  5. cow451

    cow451 The Most Interesting Poster in the Forum Supporter

    United States
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
  6. Grumman Tomcat

    Grumman Tomcat The LORD is my Pilot Staff Member Administrator Supporter

    United States
    Thread closed at request of OP
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