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Most/least fav parts of Mass?

Discussion in 'One Bread, One Body - Catholic' started by bill5, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Fantine

    Fantine Dona Quixote Supporter

    I like Lectio Divina homilies (I've said this before.) Not some boring treatise trying to tie all three readings together. Instead, one amazing insight (or aha moment) gleaned from a prayerful reading of all the passages--an insight that people can relate to and carry with them all week. An insight that will inspire them to be better people.

    Most homilists have it all wrong.
  2. BabyChristian22

    BabyChristian22 Newbie

    At my parish we are often invited give each other a greeting immediately before the opening song starts, and then later in the Mass we offer each other the sign of peace. I think the sign of peace offered to each other during the Mass is based on how in the Bible it says something about greeting each other with a holy kiss.
  3. MikeK

    MikeK Traditionalist Catholic

    I believe that's correct. The exchange of the sign of peace by the parishioners is not necessary for the Mass - you won't find it in the TLM, and in the NO it is optional.
  4. ZooMom

    ZooMom Thanks for the memories...

    United States
    And, really, who kisses at the SoP...except for maybe family members?
  5. Swoosh

    Swoosh Sancta Simplicitas

    Kissing in the sanctuary is disrespectful. You don't kiss the bride during the wedding ceremony either.
  6. ZooMom

    ZooMom Thanks for the memories...

    United States
    Romantic kissing may be disrespectful. I doubt that the kiss of peace would be. For instance, my husband and I trace the cross on and kiss our children's foreheads at the SoP. Always have. And we kiss each others cheek if we manage to sit together. We don't kiss our neighbors because it would make people uncomfortable...but, I think that a kiss (like the European kiss of greeting, once on each cheek) would be more appropriate, biblically speaking, than a handshake.
  7. JacktheCatholic

    JacktheCatholic Praise be to Jesus Christ. Now and forever.

    We do similar.

    I hope no one mind me sharing a little...

    The Kiss of Peace has been something hard for me to accept as a man raised the way I was. Men do not kiss men, even on the cheek. Catholics and their Kiss of Peace. ;)

    The wind blows as it may and the Spirit moves us as it may.

    After a particularly awesome Mass we had a visiting priest and his homily was so awesome and he was so awesome that filled with the Holy Spirit (after Mass) I thanked the priest with a Kiss on the Cheek with out even thinking about it. :cool:
  8. AMDG

    AMDG Tenderized for Christ

    In the Missa Cantata (relatively high Tridentine Mass before Vatican II) that I loved, at the Kiss of Peace the priest and altarboys (there may have been at least eight) would hold each other's forearms and bow toward each other. The "kiss" would go from the altar (the priest) and through each individual altarboy. It was a integral part of the Mass and really quite edifying. It was *not* a "meet and greet" that we see now with people waving at others and flashing the "peace sign" or reaching across pews to shake others hands otherwise distracting from the Eucharist. (At one Mass not to long ago the priest left Jesus alone on the altar to shake hands with people at the back of the church.)
  9. truthHurts77

    truthHurts77 Newbie


    i LOL

    but it really isstn' funny... just the way you worded things was funny

    kinda agravating, really :doh:
  10. bill5

    bill5 Well-Known Member

    The groom does. :) I'd kiss my girlfriend, no way am I kissing anyone else and they are wise not to try to do so with me, which none have.