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Moment Of Peace

Discussion in 'Secular Music' started by JossCarter, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. JossCarter

    JossCarter New Member

    How to effectively pack your stuff for traveling

    For those who often travel or work or other business, it’s recommended that you have somepacking knowledge. Since checked bag fees don’t come cheap, having a reduced-size bag that you can carry on can make a huge difference.

    That being said, in this post, we’ll be showing you how to pack your suitcase like a pro. You’ll find some amazing tips through our comprehensive guide. Learn to pack your belongings in simple steps.

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    Make a list


    To start with, you’ll have to make a list of all the important stuff that you have to carry with you. It’s suggested that you sort in prioritized order, based on the size and necessity. This will make packing a lot easier, since you won’t have to reconsider which items to bring or what fits.

    Have all the important things prepared

    Once you’ve thought of of all the important things that you need to pack, it’s time to prepare them. Place all the items in front of you and categorize them in groups, such as clothes, electronic devices, and other items.

    Recheck your list to make sure that you didn’t miss anything. If you did, go and get the rest of your stuff. Take a look at the things that you’ve prepared and check for what might have been left behind.

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    Start packing your stuff

    After you’re done, it’s time for packing. We’ll start with the most flexible stuff first: your clothes. Fold them flat or roll them, it’s up to you. Just make sure that you do it properly to reduce space. If you have to bring shoes with you, it’s always clever to put your socks, rings, or other small items inside of them to conserve space and know where they are.

    For fragile electronic equipment like a laptop, camera, and so on, it’s recommended that you put them inside a protective box or put some bubble wrap around them to prevent damage from impact.

    The other necessities should be placed in small bags and grouped together.

    Time for some magic


    Now, the moment that all travelholics have been waiting for: our simple yet effective trick will make packing so much easier for you. This time, we’ll be using a convenient accessory that all homeowners love. It’s the vacuum storage bag.

    Just put all your folded (or rolled) clothes inside the bag and close the zip lock properly to prevent the air from escaping. Then, plug in your vacuum cleaner. Make sure you use the electric-powered vacuum cleaner to be sure it can generate enough suction power. You don’t need to go for the best vacuum, though. If you don’t have a vacuum, a manual air pump can still do the job.

    Connect the vacuum hose with the airlock on your vacuum storage bag and turn on your vacuum (depending on which end of the hose you have, you may need to use the inverted mode). The powerful suction generated by your vacuum will collect all the air from the bag and shrink it drastically. This greatly reduces the amount of space required to pack your belongings. If you can’t find a vacuum storage bag, you can replace it with a trash bag, and it’ll work just fine.

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    Finish things up and be ready to go

    Finish things up by placing your shrunken clothes bags in your suitcase. Then, move to the electronics and other important stuff. The key when packing is to take advantage of all the available space, so, if you see some crevices and other small spaces that you could fit your items in, don’t hesitate to stuff these with your belongs.
    Last edited: May 7, 2020
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