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Discussion in 'Fundamentalist Christians' started by Gunny, May 10, 2004.

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  1. Gunny

    Gunny Remnant Supporter

    When these philosophies began to infiltrate mainstream Christianity, the modernism born in Germany almost 2 centuries earlier began to infect mainstream denominations in the United States like an incurable cancer. Heresies spawned in the 19th Century that scorned the fundamental doctrines of the Word of God culminated in the dogma of Twentieth Century Modernism:

    The Bible is the result of a human evolutionary process
    Dismissal of miracles
    No validity to Biblical historical accounts (i.e.-no Adam or Eve, no Flood)
    Many Old Testament events are merely myth
    No Virgin Birth, Deny Deity of Christ, No Bodily Resurrection
    Gospel narratives are not factual
    No accurate idea of what Jesus was really like
    Historical-critical approach to Bible interpretation (2)

    One need not have a degree in theology to see the correlation between these corruptions of the truth of God with the philosophical blasphemy instigated in the 19th Century. The hand of Hegel, Darwin, Marx, Wescott, and Hort are readily apparent in this blatant approbation against Almighty God. By the 1900s, the philosophies of these men were spreading like a raging wildfire through churches in the United States, igniting fierce controversies within denominational bodies. While most Fundamentalists chose to fight these battles within their respective denominations until about 1930, separatist groups from every denomination later emerged as the hierarchies of each denomination fell like meticulously placed dominoes into the hands of liberal infidels. The situation deteriorated to the point that some denominations refused to even produce official doctrinal statements that would indict the heretics within their ranks.

    It was in this climate that the term "Fundamentalist" was coined. Though the term was coined in 1920, it was explicitly defined by the World Congress of Fundamentalists in 1976:

    "A Fundamentalist is a born-again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ who

    1) Maintains an immovable allegiance to the inerrant, infallible, and verbally Inspired Bible;
    2) Believes whatever the Bible says is so;
    3) Judges all things by the Bible, and is judged only by the Bible;
    4) Affirms the foundational truths of the historic Christian Faith:

    a. The doctrine of the Trinity
    b. The incarnation, virgin birth, substitutionary atonement, bodily resurrection, ascension into Heaven, and Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ
    c. The new birth through regeneration of the Holy Spirit
    d. The resurrection of saints to life eternal
    e. The resurrection of the ungodly to final judgment and eternal death
    f. The fellowship of the saints, who are the body of Christ;
    5) Practices fidelity to that faith, and endeavors to preach it to every creature;
    6) Exposes and separates from all ecclesiastical denial of that Faith, compromise with error, and apostasy from the Truth; and
    7) Earnestly contends for the Faith once delivered.
    Therefore, Fundamentalism is a militant orthodoxy with a soulwinning zeal. While Fundamentalists may differ on certain interpretations of Scripture, we join in unity of heart and common purpose for the defense of the Faith and the preaching of the Gospel, without compromise or division.

    Unless a man holds and defends the Faith of Scripture, and is concerned for the salvation of the lost, he is not a true Fundamentalist."

    The entire text is located at:


    Disclaimer:As with many Christian ministries I do not agree or condone all of Cutting Edge Ministries statements.

    The text above regarding what defines a "Fundamentalist", concerning this, I do agree.
  2. BarbB

    BarbB I stand with my brothers and sisters in Israel!

    Wow, Gunny. I read the whole thing before you shortened it. Can you post the list on the other thread for flesh99 to consider? As for myself, I'm going to cut the article to my computer - it's the most rational definition and history I've seen! :wave:
  3. tulc

    tulc loves "SO'S YER MOM!! posts!

    Gunny again my hats off to you! I don't agree with everything on the list but I can agree that it makes a lot of sense, and there are many things on there I have struggled with over the years myself. Well done!
    tulc("Always Faithfull" in word and deed, well done Marine!) ;)
  4. Ceris

    Ceris I R the Nutness (and I love sedatta )

    In Relationship
    That is probably the best defination I have ever seen. Thanks for posting it Gunny!
  5. TasManOfGod

    TasManOfGod Untatted Saint

    Word of Faith
    yer Good one Gunny - shows how we can get bogged down with modern issue while the fundamentals are also being undermined
  6. ChrisB

    ChrisB Well-Known Member

    I could sign up to that :)
  7. Isernia

    Isernia Newbie

    It seems like America is cursed, as God promises to do in the last chapter of Leviticus.

    At the end of the 19th Century we get Free Trade and Mass Immigration. Our Economy ("capital appreciation", jobs and wages) and Nation (our "stock") get debauched. Follow that with a huge and unnecessary World War. Then comes the plunge into The Great Depression, again, brought on by incompetence. Follow this with another World War that we don't need to fight! Then, ramp into a humiliation in China and Korea. Follow that with Social Revolution that tears the vital organs of America into pieces. While at the same time, we fight another meat grinder war, that we win, but being weak in spirit, we end in HUMILIATION! Oh man! What's Next?!

    50 Million dead babies and in a Nation that was founded as a Waspy British colony and had no intention of being anything but a Waspy Land, we end up disappearing!

    Cursed! Cursed! Cursed!

    And what do your fearless leaders do about it? Some hide, others "drink the Fool-Aid" and some of those folks don't even remember doing it ^_^

    I know, I know: IT ISN'T FUNNY!
  8. champuru

    champuru I don't know what I want to put here. Suggestions?

    The question on whether or not adam and eve was literal account is far older than 2 centuries...
  9. JAS4Yeshua

    JAS4Yeshua Servant of the Lord Supporter

    Calvary Chapel


    Zombie Thread
    Back from the dead
    Putting thread to rest
    Is the best

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