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Miracles and the Anglican Church

Discussion in 'Scripture,Tradition,Reason-Anglican & Old Catholic' started by Canadian75, May 18, 2006.

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  1. Canadian75

    Canadian75 Peace-loving Warrior of God

    Hello all,

    Miracles figure prominently in Orthodoxy and Catholicism (e.g. eucharistic miracles, uncorrupted bodies of saints, weeping statues and icons, etc. etc.). What is the Anglican perspective of miracles? Are there miracles associated with the Anglican Church (specifically post-Reformation) or with saints of the Anglican Church?

  2. Ebor

    Ebor The Katana of Reasoned Discussion

    There are miracles on a personal level. C. S. Lewis writes about when his wife Joy Davidman was suffering from bone cancer that an Anglican priest prayed and iirc anointed her and the cancer went into remission for some time. The bone healed so that they were able to travel to Greece. I'll have to dig up the quote.

  3. Paladin_Mark

    Paladin_Mark Senior Member

    Meh I don't know about crying statues and that palaver . But we have regular healing services in our parish now :) . and people have had hands layed on them and been miracelously healed . Also has happened after Alpha sessions on healing as well :) . God is great :D !
  4. karen freeinchristman

    karen freeinchristman More of You and less of me, Lord! Supporter

    Yeah, I have a friend who had a huge cancer in his bowel/bladder, and after TONS of prayer from many people, he was referred to the top specialist in the country who performed some risky miraculous surgery, and now, my friend is cancer-free. It has been two years, so we still pray.
  5. Dewi Sant

    Dewi Sant Do the little things

    Eastern Orthodox
    I have also heard of miracles such as thousands coming to Christ over night (in my own town) from an Anglican church in my town.
    They're not all medical, though I do think it is usually the healing miracles that are noticed.
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