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Merry Christmas to All the Members of Christian Forums!

Discussion in 'Friendship Court' started by Erwin, Dec 25, 2001.

  1. Erwin

    Erwin Well-Known Member

    Merry Christmas to all the members of the Christian Forums!

    The moderators and I will like to thank all of you for being fantastic members of this new Christian community. On Christmas Day we are only 1 month old, yet we have almost 200 members now. We thank all the regular posters for being part of our community, and pray that God will bless all of you richly and in all things, and grant all of you your hearts' desires.

    We also pray that God will bless your family and yourself and that in the New Year He will give you even greater blessings. We pray that He will continue to guide you, use you and make you His instrument, that you may be used in a mighty way to extend His kingdom.

    Thank you! Without your support this site will not be what it is.

    Keep praying for this site - we want this site to be a growing and supportive community! This site is totally paid for and run by myself and is not supported externally by any advertising or donations. I run this site as a service to give glory to God and to allow other Christians to get together.

    Thank you again, and God bless all of you!

    Erwin Loh
    Webmaster and Administrator
    Christian Forums

    P.S. Keep telling your friends about us! We need to keep growing! [​IMG]
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  2. mikey

    mikey Mikey the Smooth Criminal

    Thanks Erwin for your site and for your effort! It is much appreciated! Keep up the good work, and merry christmas to you and yours!
  3. marmaladePRO

    marmaladePRO Active Member

    that is a wonderful blessing Erwin, thank you. And thank you for this forum. i've said before, i believe this forum has filled a *need* in my life and walk with Jesus, and i truly appreciate your openness as a tool of the Lord for your provision of this forum!!!
    The site is consisntently in my prayers, as i am sure it is for others here. This site WILL continue to grow in Christ, in grace and truth...
    I see this forum having been founded upon a rock (Luke 6:48) and with that committment to the Lord, He shall bring it to pass (Psalm 37:5). half the fun is watching, learning and being a little part of the process. God bless you and yours throughout this season and beyond...
    In Christ,
  4. Kristen

    Kristen Blah Blah

    Thank You, and Merry Christmas to you. This is a wonderful forum and I am glad to be here. Merry Christmas to everyone!!! [​IMG]
  5. SOS

    SOS Member

    Thanks Erwin and Merry Christmas! I love this site, and come here almost everyday.

    My advice to all lurkers: Register NOW! It's still 2001 for another week - register in 2001 before it becomes 2002.

    Also, I suppose since this site is so new, we are all FOUNDING MEMBERS - I encourage everybody to register and join us in being the foundation members of Christian Forums.
  6. Blackwing

    Blackwing Music Man With Black Wings(duh...)<img src="http:/

    Hi Erwin!!! [​IMG]

    I thank God that He used you as a blessing to others by creating this website and that we as christians can share everything under the sun with Jesus as our guide.

    To all the mods and members: May you have a blessed christmas indeed and God bless the lives of each and everyone here!!!

    See yah!!! [​IMG]
  7. Psaint

    Psaint Psaintly Member

    Thanks Erwin and all the mods! Thanks also to all the members who post here! I love you all, and merry Christmas!
  8. MAX

    MAX MAXimum POWER!

    Merry Christmas Erwin and thanks for you excellent site!
  9. FFX

    FFX PS2 Chick with Passion

    Yay...! I'm so happy and touched after reading all of that!! Just want to say Merry Christmas too!! God bless and protect all of us... I pray that this site reaches to the ends of the earth!! Yay!! [​IMG]
  10. revival

    revival Pray for Rain

    Hi all! This is a great site! It is a great Christmas prsent for me to come across it! [​IMG]