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Mercedes Benz Satanic Super Bowl Ad - Sell Your Soul

Discussion in 'Current News & Events' started by NJBeliever, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. NJBeliever

    NJBeliever Newbie

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  2. Lilly Owl

    Lilly Owl Since when is God's adversary a curse word here?

    I adore Willem Dafoe. Great actor. Especially in "Last Temptation of Christ".
    That commercial however, is just stupid. But with the Super Bowl ad's going at something like 8 million dollars for 30 seconds and the extended commercial is 90 seconds, at 24 million that's a lot of money for a lot of stupid. And a lot of celebrities got paid which explains the bottom line on that car$.

    No threat there. If you've got the credit you can buy the car. And at 29,000 base that's one of the cheapest Benz on the market.
    If Satan can threaten the world through a commercial, something wrong on a far bigger level than just TV.
  3. jminnesota

    jminnesota Newbie

    well when ya watch super bowl ya know there will be ads full of sexual and drinking and non christian stuff. when i watch i know that and just enjoy the game and like seeing the ads. its on CBS this year same channel that Janet Jackson showed her breasts during the half time show. lol.
  4. ephesians4:2

    ephesians4:2 Regular Member

    Thanks for posting, its so obvious now its hard to imagine people still deny the times and the deception.
  5. Lilly Owl

    Lilly Owl Since when is God's adversary a curse word here?

    Oh, it's not denial at all. It's holding confidence in the power of God and the love of Jesus that they are stronger than the adversary. If a TV commercial can steal my soul somebody lied to us. And it wasn't the networks.
  6. kenvin

    kenvin Guest

    The culture that worships a silly game so much is what is satanic.