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Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage.

Discussion in 'General Theology' started by Sidon, May 31, 2021.

  1. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States
    First, let me tell you that if you want to stay single, then go right ahead.
    Are you happier single? OR would you be happiest being with someone who loves Jesus?
    If you want to find a good Christian and build a new married life, then God says...>"anytime you want to start"..
    He'll bring you one, but you have to have your eyes open.

    Reader, let me show you where a confusion is regarding this situation with marriage and a 2nd one.


    When Jesus said what He said about marriage.....>He was talking to jews, not gentiles.
    Reader, one thing you always have to do, is look at verses as ... before the Cross, and In LIGHT of the Cross, as nearly everything changed once Jesus became the New Testament, and the Old Covenant was taken away.
    So, when looking at verses given before the CROSS was raised, and Jesus had not yet born the sin of the world, these verses are not to overrule verses that came after the Blood Atonement created the NEW Testament and New Covenant. So be sure you "rightly divide" this way, when you are studying the NT.

    This means, that when Jesus is standing there talking to Old Testament Jews, under the law, then those verses have to be compared to all verses that came later, in LIGHT of the Cross being raised and the New Covenant being installed.
    Lot of changes occurred when the BLOOD OF JESUS was given to this world as "the gift of righteousness", and "the Gift of Salvation".

    So, you have Jesus, who is under the law, talking about the Law, in many "adultery" verses.
    Why? Because Jesus had to fulfill all the law to be able to abolish it with God's Grace.

    Now, IF you read this NEXT verse carefully, you'll note something..
    It says. "if she be married to another, while her husband yet lives, then she be called an adulterer.
    Now, look carefully, reader....that verse says.>"while her HUSBAND yet LIVES, if she be MARRIED to ANOTHER">
    See that?
    The first is still her HUSBAND...... and now she's going to marry #2.
    Thats 2 husbands.

    Read it again....

    If her first HUSBAND YET LIVES>..
    So, she is still married to the first one......she's not divorced and he's not dead, he is still her HUSBAND.
    See it?
    So, IF while her first HUSBAND yet LIVES.....(still married to #1), she be married again......
    So, that is now 2 Husbands, = adultery, in this verse.
    Now, compare that to the reason that fornication is THE just cause for Divorce.
    Think on that.

    See, people dont really read their bible. What happens is, they are told something by a deceived teacher or pastor, or similar, by some deceived family member ....and they believe that, and then that becomes the truth to them.. which destroys their life down here.


    Here is the question.
    What sin does the Cross of Christ not cover?
    What sin??
    Reader, Jesus became ALL SIN, for the world, and not just for the BELIEVER.
    John 3:16
    However, its only to the believing that all sin is covered, per person, by God's Blood.

    Salvation is finished. Its Accomplished. Its always ready to impart righteousness to a BELIEVER.
    So, once this has happened, then the born again now made righteous, are as HOLY as GOD.
    This does not change.
    Listen, and let me drill down to the bone and keep it real for you readers....
    Can you out-sin the Blood's Power to keep you saved?
    You've tried it a lot since you are born again, and sometimes you remembered to confess.
    Well, happy news for you, "where your sin abounds...>(when you sin).....Grace more abounds. (the blood of Jesus always keeps you RIGHTEOUS.)
    The born again are "made righteous", we are "ONE WITH GOD", born again INTO GOD's Holy Spirit by God's Holy Spirit.

    Listen, here is a reality check...... did GOD not already know of all the sin you would confess or forget to confess, after He saved you, and yet , didnt God save you anyway?
    God knows everything. And on the DAY HE SAVED YOU, He knew of every sin and sinful thought you would do or think, from the day He saved you, till you DIED.
    And didn't He save you anyway?
    Why did God do that, if you can out sin your Salvation?

    A.) You can't.
    A.) God knows that HIS BLOOD is greater than your sin, so, that is why He saved you knowing what you will do later.
    A.) God knows that His Blood always keeps you as RIGHTEOUS as HIS BLOOD, and that is ETERNAL.

    Now, when you can believe this, then your mind is renewed, and has the correct understanding of GOD's GRACE and Gods "Gift of Salvation" and God's "Gift of Righteousness" and what it actually means to be "made Righteous" as BORN AGAIN.


    See, God made all the born again as RIGHTEOUS as HE IS.
    IF HE DOES NOT keep you so, then His Salvation is useless.
    The good news?.....The Blood that made you as clean as God, when you were born again, is doing the same for you, forever.
    That is the "renewed mind".
    You are to get there, and stay there, as your REAL FAITH.

    Listen, If you are reading this, and you are born again......not just water baptized, but BORN AGAIN, then you have been MADE RIGHTEOUS, and this never changes.
    Not ever.
    Not down here, and not in Heaven.
    Rejoice !!

    So, if you are born again, and single, divorced, lonli, then go and find a good one, who loves Jesus, and get your new Life.
    Keep it Christ centered, and be thankful that God is the God of the endless 2nd Chance.
    We the born again, are never stuck in failure.
    Failure is a type of death, and God is the God of abundant LIFE.
    GET UP, go forward, and Love God.
    See, WE the born again, get to try again, and again, and God is right there with us, encouraging us, and helping us succeed by keeping us "in Christ" all the way to Heaven.
    Last edited: May 31, 2021
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  2. Glorytothefather2245

    Glorytothefather2245 Always Forgive! Supporter

    United States
    The bible is pretty clear on adultery,, divorce, and remarriage. I stopped reading when you decided you wanted to interpret the bible to what you want it to mean. Adultery is adultery. You cannot remarry unless your spouse has cheated on you or they died. The rules do not change!
  3. dqhall

    dqhall Well-Known Member Supporter

    United States
    Jesus did not approve of adultery. He asked people not to marry those who cheated on their spouses and got divorced as a result. Such people abandoned spouses and children trying to hook up with another partner causing loss and suffering. The fact that Jesus died on the cross does not change his statements, does it?

    Jesus was not married, nor was Paul. There are married people more lonely than they were.

    I often wondered if a celibate man and celibate woman sharing a home is adultery. I did not think it would be, but I remain single. There is no passage I can find that declares being single is a sin. It is nothing to boast about either.
  4. Tolworth John

    Tolworth John Well-Known Member Supporter

    United Kingdom
    This really starts with Christian dating and courtship. Today it is expected that couples are having sex.
    This should make the Christian stand out in there refusal to have sex prior to marriage.
    This should apply regardless of who is being dated.

    Courtship is the stage when both realise that their relationship is leading towards marriage.
    It is when a deeper understanding of each other is built, learning how to handle disagreements, disappointments, to live together without actually living together.

    Marriage should always be prepared for by doing a marriage preparation course like ' No longer One,' fromdayone publications. Because it will tackle this issue's one has not discussed in detail, everything from how the marriage will be financed, chores, pocket money to include sex and children/ childlessness.

    Communication, the ability to say what is really upsetting one and the ability to listen to what is being said, to eagle to share one's thoughts and feelings is key in keeping one's love alive and so the marriage.

    Divorce and remarriage.

    Records should not happen. But it does and we have to deal with the fallout.

    Salvation is not based on whether one is married, remarried, divorce or widowed, but upon Jesus.

    What is the local church to do with a married couple who have married after being divoirced.
    Denis them access or what?

    Biblical verses about marriage and remarriage are irrelevant.

    How should the local church deal with those who have been divorced or are getting divorced and following a divorce are getting married in your church.

    What should your church and what should you do?
  5. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States
    Yes, the bible is clear on everything.
    Including what happens to you if you dont exist here. Hebrews 13:9

    See, if you dont do that then you end up "taught" wrong.

    So, You stopped reading as soon as what the verse says, disagreed with what you've been taught.
    See, that is always the issue.

    And that verse, says...>"while here >HUSBAND"< is alive. (yet lives).

    Are you divorced? Then they are not your husband or wife.
    But in that verse, she has a HUSBAND and is about to marry again.
    So, that's CLEAR, unless you don't want to know.
    Such is your case.
    That's on you.
  6. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States
    Jesus (God) has one rule for marriage, and one perfect way to achieve it.

    Notice this...>"let what God has joined".

    See that? That is God finding you a mate, vs, you finding you a mate.
    So, when God brings the person to you, then that it the perfect fit.
    When you find the person, then that is your idea of a perfect fit, and God will help that to become a perfect fit, as long as you abide by the RULE.
    The rule for the born again is..."be not unequally yoked".

    1.) Yoked is.....Married, or to be living in a sexual relationship, yet not married. As this is to become "one flesh" with someone.

    2.) Never marry an unbeliever, if you are born again.

    If you do this, then the Devil will make you so miserable with them, and this will never stop, until they are born again.
  7. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States
    Good questions.

    The Local Church should be welcoming to anyone.
    The church is not owned by the people, or the Pastor.
    God owns that building, those seats, and all the born again in them.
    HE OWNS US< the born again ,as He purchased us with His own BLOOD.
    THe born again are "blood bought".
    So, we are not to run around thinking we are in charge.
    We are only STEWARDS of what God allows us to have, as it all belongs to Him.
    He allow us to USE IT.

    So, if some in the congregation are single, married, divorced and remarried, then GOD BLESS THEM ALL.

    We are not to judge, we are to DISCERN.
    These are not one and the same.
  8. dqhall

    dqhall Well-Known Member Supporter

    United States
    Jesus did not marry and worked miracles. Paul remained celibate and saw miracles.

    I have not known many married couples boasting of being perfect. You are not supposed to be in a sexual relationship outside of a marital commitment. Prostitutes did sexual relationships without being married. These are not praised for their promiscuity. I have heard of difficulties in marriage. There are also difficulties for singles. Either way one ought to seek God’s calling.