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Mansion question

Discussion in 'Obsessive Compulsive Disorder' started by sportsfan, Jan 25, 2020.

  1. sportsfan

    sportsfan Active Member

    United States
    Do I still have my mansion in Heaven for eternity despite bowing to a talking cross in mental illness is this blue light beast stuff real or is it scitzphrenia playing tricks on my mind.

    Would God really erase someone from the Lambs Book of Life for a dream and scitzphrenia rant to God in fear is this 666 stuff real or is it my imagination.

    Did Jesus really get mad that I accidentally confused him with Satan in a talking cross dream that happened so fast or is it a hallucination.

    Why would Jesus hold a grudge over mental illness it doesnt sound like God the yellow light/cross happened to fast for my brain why would Jesus be mad.

    Why do I see a blue light and beast stuff and fear not getting raptured when the rapture occurs before the false prophet and antichrist and how could I have turned into one for a dream hallucination it makes no sense bibically do I still have my mansion.

    I cant find any biblical proof why Jesus would be mad at me. He myst not be mad nothing has come true so far there is no Antichrist to serve and how do you get the mark from a dream hallucination anyway.

    I cant find anything in the Bible why God is mad with me and why he doesnt want me in eternity with him there is zero credible evidence in theory like the impeachment in senate.

    None of it makes sense to me how could Satan show up to a Christian and trick them is the first thing not bibical out of salvation. How could Satan convert a believer into a false prophet Antichrist for bowing in mental illness. Why would he show up to a mentally ill person to begin with and why would God be mad about a mentally ill person falling to a trick not in scripture.

    None of it adds up I am not a world leader like the false prophet or Antichrist and I am a Christian who belives in Jesus and how could I go in a blink of eye from being Christian to evil in a dream hallucination it makes no bibical sense.

    Why would Jesus destroy a mansion of a mentally ill person it must be in my head because it doesnt line up with the Holy Bible.

    Furthermore how does a talking cross in a dream yellowish green light thinking it was Jesus destroy it talked and claims it blasphemed but how does a hallucination dream blasphemy the Holy Spirit even if Satan was in a hallucination dream it makes no sense.

    The blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is a hard heart and attributing the Holy Spirit on purpose to the Devil not having a dream in the shower hearing voices and brain getting confused from praying thinking it was Jesus.

    Why would Jesus be mad no one can explain it everyone says Jesus isnt mad for the talking cross dream hallucination just scitzphrenia playing a beast dream still secure in heaven.

    There is no bibical proof so how could Jesus hold someone responsible for something not in the Bible it makes no human sense why I could have somehow lost the Holy Spirit for a dream getting the spirit of the Antichrist for something not in the Bible it must be a hallucination dream because nothing is bibical at all.

    I cant figure out on reason why God would be mad outside of accidentally commiting idoltry even then God has forgiven idol worshipers even Satan worshippers direct can come to Jesus and mine simply occured in a dream called scitzphrenia so why would God allow Satan to place the beast on me.

    Is it just a hallucination and not real I still have my mansion in Heaven because none of this matches the Bible and it humanly confuses me making me think it is just mental illness especially if the rapture occurs first.
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  2. Natalie Mepham

    Natalie Mepham New Member

    United States
    You cannot commit the unforgivable sin if you are a Christian. There is therefore now no condemnation in Christ (Romans 8:1). You are fine. Your dream/hallucination did not count. The Spirit lives in you if you desire to be with God.