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Man Dies After Alameda, Calif., Police Pin Him to Ground for Several Minutes

Discussion in 'News & Current Events (Articles Required)' started by SummerMadness, Apr 28, 2021.

  1. SummerMadness

    SummerMadness Senior Veteran

    Man Dies After Alameda, Calif., Police Pin Him to Ground for Several Minutes
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  2. The IbanezerScrooge

    The IbanezerScrooge I can't believe what I'm hearing...

    United States
    I watched the video. Those making any comparisons to George Floyd are misguided. The interaction was calm throughout until the arrest. Even then it was relatively calm and measured and controlled. I detected no hint of malice toward the guy from the officers. An investigation certainly needs to be done regarding all of the actions of the officers while subduing him. Perhaps they should have rolled him over sooner or something. I would leave that to the investigators to determine nd what corrections or discipline needs to be made, but they were aware and seemingly trying to not harm the guy. Unfortunately, they did not succeed.
  3. Paulos23

    Paulos23 Never tell me the odds!

    United States
    I think the one comparison I would make is the officers' overreaction to the man just standing on the sidewalk and talking to himself. It could have been handled better by mental health care people, not the police. And all they had to do was ask him to move along, and he was chill through most of the contact with the police. Arresting him was unnecessary.