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Discussion in 'Singles (Only*)' started by Rhye, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. Rhye

    Rhye Legend

    Oriental Orthodox
    Well, if she really liked you back, the only direction I am sure she would want to run is in your arms.

    No. That is not a lie. To keep with the spirit of the thread of course.
  2. r035198x

    r035198x Junior Member

    That could be true (one hopes) but I was talking about those that don't like you back. The friendship is more likely to end if it's the girl that doesn't like back than if it's a guy that doesn't like the girl back.

    <pretending to still be on topic>Lying is not good</pretending to still be on topic>
  3. Rhye

    Rhye Legend

    Oriental Orthodox
    Lying is definitely not good! But she cannot lie to you and say she likes you if she doesn't. And if you form a friendship with you, you should already sense how she is before you jump in. Though, maybe men are not so good at "sensing" things and sometimes kindness comes off as liking back. But, in light of things, do not lie, be honest with your feelings, you don't know what will happen. :)
  4. MacFall

    MacFall Agorist

    Careful - there are some folks around here who would say that you would have had an obligation to turn the Jews over because God establishes governments and endorses all their evil deeds.
  5. ceh85

    ceh85 You shattered my darkness,washed away my blindness

    I think I am reasonably good at reading people. But on the other hand I know I can be really gullible sometimes, so I don't know.

    I don't often suspect people of lying unless I have good reason to. It's not a thought that would just pop into my head without something prompting it.

    DCHSKNIGHT Active Member

    In Relationship
    Then let them, but as joshua says " as for me and my house we will serve the lord" and i will not aid evil men in the murder of innocent people. if God condemns me for that then he is not God....
  7. NoodlesNoodlesNoodles

    NoodlesNoodlesNoodles I am a bad person.

    The distinction between bearing false witness and lying are quite possibly artificial based on the Hebrew words "sheqer" and "shaqar". Also, Rahab not being specifically chastised is irrelevant. Not every sinner or sin is explicitly chastised in the Bible. The assumption is that we'll use our brains to figure it out based on principles and laws already stated.
  8. Rosalila

    Rosalila Newbie

    I really don't see what the difference is. .whether you're a guy or a girl, there is always the risk of rejection. the guy doesn't have to run but the relationship could be changed. .especially considering this is my best friend.

    That's true but individual cases may be different. It depends on the personalities/experiences of the people involved. Not the gender.
  9. Stravinsk

    Stravinsk Neo Baroque/Rococo Classical Artist

    Other Religion
    Am I, or the general public, good at recognising liars?

    Yes and no.

    If I have a powerful emotional attachment to something, it is much harder for me to recognise a lie. If it's something I *want* to be true, I'll gloss over or put out of mind certain perceptions or attempt to explain them away. I think this is probably the case for most of humanity.

    In most cases, I believe people are more prone to being decieved for the following reasons:

    A) They are a habitual liar themselves. A disregard for truth a gullible person makes


    B) They have a strong emotional reason to believe a lie. That could be anything - regarding a relationship, love of country, attachment to a social group or their profession.

    For face to face communication, sometimes certain body language alerts me to someone consciously lying. A glaring example would be Mike Walter's account of seeing a plane crashing into the Pentagon. Most of the early interviews show him vigorously shaking his head "no" every time he repeats what he saw. This specific body language disappears, however, when he does an exclusive interview to answer his critics.

    Exception: Most trained newscasters and politians who regularly appear in public or on television are usually aware of body language that can give them away - this is why in most cases it is harder to spot a liar among them.