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Lutheranism and free will

Discussion in 'Salvation (Soteriology)' started by Styrmir, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Styrmir

    Styrmir New Member

    I am a Lutheran, but I have been very confused lately about Lutheran predestination. Lutherans believe that some people are predestined by God, and some aren't. Those who aren't do not necessarily go to hell. How are those that aren't predestined saved if they aren't predestined? They'd have to work towards it, which means that Lutheran theology is self-contradicting right?
  2. HereIStand

    HereIStand Regular Member Supporter

    As I understand it, Lutherans hold to single predestination -- the saved are predestined for eternal life, but not that the lost are predestined for eternal death. Lutherans also believe that an inclination to believe can be resisted. This is a good Lutheran reference.
  3. RC1970

    RC1970 post tenebras lux

    United States
    Rather than calling it "self-contradicting", it might be more polite to refer to it as a "happy inconsistency". :)
  4. com7fy8

    com7fy8 Newbie

    Have you verified if this is in Martin Luther's teachings? To my knowledge, there are people who claim to be Lutheran but they do not all have the same ideas.

    Possibly, predestined means a person is saved. But not predestined does not necessarily mean one goes to hell. I think I have been told that there are Lutherans who believe in Limbo which is like in Roman Catholicism . . . not hell or Heaven.

    I understand that Catholics and Lutherans, if they believe in Limbo, understand that it is not a work your own way thing, but you are purified so then you may enter Heaven. But if it were as you have understood it, I'd say then yes it is contradictory.

    I personally understand that God provides us with His own personal correction > Hebrews 12:4-11 < in this life, no procrastination until after we die.