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Lutheran view on end of life issues

Discussion in 'LCMS / WELS / ELS / LCC' started by Silverback, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. Silverback

    Silverback Well-Known Member

    United States
    I was diagnosed in 2014 with cancer, it had spread to my liver by the time it was diagnosed. I have had multiple procedures, and surgeries, However, 5 years later I am still not in remission. The cancer drugs I am on have stabilized my condition, and for today, I am Ok.

    Over the last few months though, I think I have been going down hill a bit, and when I start progressing again, I think things will come to an end rather quickly.

    So, my question is, can I as a Christian (lutheran) just let nature take it's course, or, should I grasp at any straw to live?

    I have been to the precipice several times since 2014, but, for what ever the reason, I fought my way back (I give God the credit, actually)

    Please let me know what you think, anyone may reply, not just lutherans.
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  2. Basil the Great

    Basil the Great Well-Known Member Supporter

    I am not a Catholic, but I believe Catholic teaching says that it is acceptable to let nature take it's course.
  3. Anthony2019

    Anthony2019 Pax et bonum! CF Ambassadors Supporter

    United Kingdom
    There is no easy answer to that question, except that you should take courage in the fact that the Lord will be with you at all times, leading and guiding you. He will never leave you or forsake you. I pray that you will experience his comfort and peace.
  4. tampasteve

    tampasteve ✞ High Church Lutheran ✞ Staff Member Administrator CF Senior Ambassador Angels Team Supporter

    United States
    I do not think this is a theological question, more of a personal one.

    Most Lutherans would not agree with assisted-suicide or other such actions, but this is not the same as that. There is no shame in choosing to treat conditions or choosing to let come what may. God calls us all to make choices, some harder than others. In the end we are His and he will welcome us.
  5. Julian of Norwich

    Julian of Norwich English Catholic

    United States
    Very well put!
  6. Newtheran

    Newtheran Well-Known Member

    United States
    While assisted suicide and euthanasia are both clearly against Christian morality, there is no requirement that a Christian who is faced with a terminal illness must exhaust all potential life extending therapies regardless of their potential benefit and side effects.

    These are intensely individual decisions that must be made in light of your own specific illness, the potential treatments, your family, and God through your own prayers. Just make sure that your decision making process isn't being influenced by depression or something else short term.

    God bless