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Low-Stakes First Dates

Discussion in 'Singles (Only*)' started by jess9450, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. jess9450

    jess9450 Member

    I ran across this article randomly a couple of days ago, and it got me thinking about what kinds of activities you coud do on a first date to keep it "low-stakes" - meaning not placing too much pressure on whether or not the date goes a certain way.

    Low-stakes First Dates | benjyfeen.com

    Does anyone have any other suggestions about activities they'd do on a low-stakes first date? :)
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  2. Toro

    Toro Oh, Hello!

  3. SnowyMacie

    SnowyMacie Well-Known Member

    United States
    In Relationship
    I really liked that blog.

    I usually take a girl out for coffee or lunch for a first date. I find it to be casual enough that you it's not awkward afterwards if neither are interested.
  4. Ace99

    Ace99 Alive in Christ

    That was very interesting, there is this girl I would like to take out but I'm in a place where I have to take things very slowly because I'm in recovery, so I think I'm just going to ask her if she would like to come for a coffee, so we can get to know each other. Thanks again for putting this on the site, God bless you
  5. PetLuv

    PetLuv CrazyVille, population: You

    Christian Seeker
    My first dates with someone I did not know well consisted of 20 - 30 mins at a coffee shop.

    It is more than enough time to get a read on someone - I've even left within 5 mins of meeting someone on more than one occasion.
    I'd also arrive early and buy my own coffee, and it would allot me the ability to sit outside and watch his driving IQ. :)

    If someone I know, it would depend on them/us. The funnest to me were to the shooting range, or to a museum, picnic at a park, trail walk/ride.
    The worst is a fancy meal at an expensive restaurant.
  6. iLCorsaroNero

    iLCorsaroNero Guest

    If you are a cannibal serial killer, you do not have to worry about where to take her out to - she will be bringing the food.
  7. Jupiter Drops

    Jupiter Drops be like a flower and turn your face to the sun

    I read 'low-steakes' and I thought of steaks.

    Yummy stakes...

    Ah, so that's what you meant by 'raw meat' in your last thread...
  8. Neve

    Neve Always even

    On the other hand, if a girl is like me, then she might not figure out that it is a date until it's over or someone points it out to her. It's happened to me a couple times. :eek: But I don't like to jump to the conclusion that going to lunch or having a drink at a bar with a guy is date, even if he's paying because he just might want to be friends with me.
  9. anewday

    anewday This girl is on fire.

    United States
  10. Coire

    Coire Man after Gods own heart

    Great advice:thumbsup: haha
  11. wannaberocker

    wannaberocker Newbie

    How about an online Date. Its so low stakes that its hard to even call it a date.

    Im sorry im just being a troll right now.

    You could always go skating.
  12. jess9450

    jess9450 Member


    I could agree with the coffee "date" thing, but then sometimes it almost feels like an interview, and it could get really awkward lol. I'm someone that likes to keep active in these kinds of situations, so sometimes just sitting in one place with someone feels a little uncomfortable.

    Going for a walk sounds like a cool idea too, but I'd do it somewhere we could actually see something interesting at the same time and talk about it.
    I like the idea of actually doing something together. The challenge is finding something you'll both enjoy and also allow you to learn more about the other person.